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  1. yeah i did not get any contact i had to e mail them and this infamous peter got back to me
  2. Lol after a week of waiting i finally got an update, the only reason why i went to the was for this item and they were out of stock, no indication of when it will come back into stock just will post later
  3. i ordered from them last week i still haven't got an e mail confirmation and it still says processing
  4. Want to pick one of these up for summer, someone is selling one but dont know what gen it is What upgrades should i consider
  5. So then a few weeks later how are they holding up ?
  6. Sweet Nice Review I wanted to buy a PDW but cost was a major factor for me Can i magpul the hell out of it ? (Real Steel or PTS)
  7. Crimson


    lol oh my god its real too !
  8. oh man thats a shame i hate their G18cs the selector always falls off
  9. Can someone please PM me a link ? do the ACM ones work on TM glocks ie 17 or 18c ?
  10. Guys have the ACM kits come out yet for this ?
  11. I have never had any problems at all what so ever with my mp7 (knocks on wood) yeah they are there somewhere Its quicker to just take new pictures:
  12. The pouches i had made are better designed than that i had pouches just like that but the wall of the mag stoper on the mag kept geting caught on the mag pouch, I think the way mine are designed are the best, you dont even need to secure them too Guys have you seen this : http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/dytac-mp7-qd-silencer-with-tri-lug-flashider-black.html Too bad its not in stock would have bought it in a flash !
  13. Dude thats intense ! 20k ? in an entire day i use around 300 round max ! and thats using my mp7 as a primary ! How do you reach nearly 30k ? Which bolt do you mean i have mine out at the moment and can measure it for you. Finally its hot here, the mp7s performance in hot conditions is amazing ! Used it today was the best gun i have ever used. I just need to comment on how excellent the KSC Taiwan version is ! God himself probably dispenses his lightning bolts through an MP7
  14. get the one me and greg and a few others on here have EDGI custom barrels ! mine is 6.001 22cm long works wonders but i do want a 6.03 22cm one
  15. Taiwan version on 134a/Duster gas wont push 328fps or 1j it would be around that figure but not much higher The Jap mags and Taiwan mags are the same Some of the internals differ, mostly the float valve & the nozzle everything else is the same (someone correct me if i am wrong) Dont use a strong recoil bolt it will crack your reciever, dont upgrade ANYTHING ! except for the inner barrel and you will be fine I even use my mp7 in woodland ! thats how much i love it !
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