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  1. My Webley arrived today. Bliss.
  2. Love that Cortina. I had the German version (It was called the Taunus) when I was in the Army. Nice car.
  3. I would like to nominate last years Torchwood: Miracle Day for some airsoft fail (Yeah, OK I know where the stuff came from, but that's not the point). Look at the UK footage closely. Muzzle flash; Check. Spent cartridge ejection; Check. Slide flying back; Fail! Somebody either: Didn't gas the magazines or didn't know how to disable the slide lock. We had quite a chuckle about this at the site where I play.
  4. And now for something a bit different.
  5. I've got a Tanaka and I'd love to get a pair of wooden grips! Tanaka's are great pistols. The quality is worth paying the extra for.
  6. Off the the game tomorrow. Woot!!

  7. If anyone understands what I'm supposed to write in this box, let me know.

  8. If any of you have read my rantings in the other section of Off Topic, then this is the bike that I'm trying to get Registered. It's a 1999 Royal Enfield 500 Lightning. I've owned it since March and I've only managed to ride it to the MOT test station and back (Total Distance: 4KMs).
  9. I've just dragged my 1967 BSA Bantam out of storage (where it's been sat since 2001). I've had it since 1977. I'm currently working on it and (fingers crossed) it'll be back on the road for July.
  10. As far as I'm concerned, there's only two worth bothering with. That's the MkVI and the Fosberry.
  11. When Preperation H just isn't good enough.
  12. OK folks, here's mine. Upgraded to the hilt and a real-steel mag and inert ammo added for effect.
  13. Spudgun

    AGM XM8

    This isn't so much a review, it's more a set of observations. It's to help/inform/whatever anyone who's bought one and they think that something is wrong. Firstly, a little back story. On Tuesday the 6th, a friend brought to out local club his newly aquired AGM XM8. We were quite impressed. Well, I was impressed enough (sudden salty smelling wet patch in my trousers impressed) to buy one from Actionhobbies the next day. On Friday it arrived (Spiffing service Actionhobbies!). Now the following is the culmination of my friends comments made on Tuesday and my observations made on Friday.
  14. Photography was never my strongpoint. Try this one:
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