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  2. I have to beg to differ somewhat. I was out at the site this morning (Just to show my face. I couldn't play, because of terms and conditions). Parts of the Safe Zone were taped off and the tables had been moved around for social distancing. The site had a 30 player limit, due to social distancing within the safe zone. No walk ons are allowed. All players must book in advance (Because of the 30 player limit). The games themselves shouldn't be a problem. There's no actual CQB areas. It's all woodland. I wear a faceplate myself (Teeth are expensive). I suspect that faceplates are encouraged. Fin
  3. The site where I play re-opened today. Sadly, I missed the game. Due to restrictions, you have to book in advance on Facebook. I don't do Facebook. I spoke to the site owner and an alternative method has been agreed. I'm off to the next game next week!
  4. 9 times out of 10. It's always some 'coffin dodger'.
  5. The only thing I'm annoyed about is: I've bought some new kit for the next game and the site I play at has closed for the duration!
  6. Ahhh. This is bringing back so memories of the Army. Spotting lit ciggies. Bogus 'tail end charlies'. Etc, etc. No matter. The major lesson is (For bikers) is that; Everyone is out to kill you. For almost 40 years of having a full bike licence. I'm still alive!
  7. Don't worry. I wasn't having a go. The odd thing was. Visibility was one of the first lessons I learned when I joined the Army in '78. We were on a night exercise. Two groups had to move from one place to another (I was in one of the groups). One group would move. The other would try to spot them. The instructors sent up a flare (for each group). At the end of the exercise, we were asked about what we saw. Both groups said that the thing that was most noticed was: Everyone diving for cover (Motion). That lesson has stayed with me ever since. Even now. I don't wear cammo for games.
  8. As a biker. I'd like to answer that one. Why don't bikers like to wear hi-vis clothing? The answer is: It doesn't work. Now think about it. We're all airsofters here. We're all sneeking around in the woods looking for targets. Ask yourself. What's the biggest thing that gives your 'target' away? The answer is: Motion. Secondly. I don't switch on my headlight during the day. Why? It doesn't work. What's one more light in a sea of lights? It doesn't stand out (but a blank 'hole' does). As for the accident I had. The reason it happened is simple. The Sun was low in the sky and I wa
  9. Here's ironic for you. About 20 years ago. I was out riding my bike, when some cager pulled out in front of me. I hit the anchors. The rear wheel locked up and I skidded (sideways) into the car. The impact speed was really low and no real damage was done, but that's not the point. I came to a stop at the drivers door. I looked down at the driver who looked very sheepish. The driver was a member of the same bike club as I was! Now. That's ironic!
  10. I admit. I've been on a bit of a spending spree as of late. Mega chuffed with the grenade launcher added to my G36 (loaded with 40Mikes). I found that I couldn't use my drum mag and the grenade launcher at the same time. So I've bought a pistol launcher and pouches for more grenades. Carnage ahoy!
  11. You really had my interest until I looked at the 2002 model. I've a 'thing' for the 1959. It looks like a Triumph Vitesse on steroids! I had 2 Triumph 13/60 Heralds. The resemblance to the 1959 Buick LeSabre is noticeable.
  12. An Aprilia RS50 that I rebuilt and sold two years ago was spotted on Ebay today. It was almost exactly the same condition as I sold it. Considering that it was ridden by a 16'er, I'm impressed. It just goes to show that not all teenagers are wasters!
  13. Oh Lordy. Port and Sherry. I've a weak spot for both of them.
  14. I think you mis-understood me. The event is un-accesible because of the insurance.
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