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i have just bought these boots and to start of by saying IM VERY HAPPY icon_biggrin.gif i bought these as a replacement for my standard british army boots i bought for £20 3 years ago.even after 3 years of breaking in they still kill my feet when running or having to wear them for extended periods of time.so a change was needed and is soon as i saw them my tactical gear mind set took over and i HAD to have them on my feet.


i bought them from www.uktactical.com ive bought from them before and had very good customer service with postage within 2 days.sadly on this occation that didnt happen bought on the teusday sent the following monday due to (apparent) back log of orders and i got them today (Wednesday)the following week not too bad but not as gd as it could be icon_confused.gif


now to the boots thay are made by converse (obviously) they are made in sizes 6 and up atm uk tactical only have size 9 and 12 but can get more sizes in if requested.the boots are constructed of tough full grain leather and the top is made from 1200 denier nylon making these boots feel toughter than my leather ones and only a fraction heavier.the comfort is unbeliveable im wearing them as i type!. they are like big slippers.

compared with my black ones its obvious how much more advanced they are.the entire interior is padded meaning there is near to no chance of rubbing,compare this to my old ones all there is is the back of the leather meaning rubbing will happen even if you have broken them in.another good improvement in that the shanks are not made of metal so there is no chace of the paint rubbing off showing a shiny bronze which can relect even IR light.the best feature of these boots is the ball shock eliminator, in simpleton words it makes sure you dont damage your feet and ankles which other boots have nothing of the sort and the energy you put into the boots goes back into your feet causeing more strees on the balls of your feet and ankles.lastly the side zips are realy great design point as you int have to undo ur laces u jusy undo the zip and pull the boot off like wise when putting on and there is a velcro strap that holds the zip pull form moving around and making noise.so all in all for £70 you get a very stylish comfortable well made and advanced boot feild testing will be coming soon.

http://img22.imageshack.us/img22/2658/l ... ots001.jpg

http://img27.imageshack.us/img27/8361/l ... ots002.jpg

http://img27.imageshack.us/img27/4377/l ... ots003.jpg

http://img19.imageshack.us/img19/8875/l ... ots004.jpg

http://img14.imageshack.us/img14/3259/l ... ots005.jpg



UPDATE:i went for a 5 mile walk and run in these boots and well i got blisters but to be honest they are a size too big for me so thicker socks and insoles are next but i still love my boots even if my heels do kill ah well at least i have some growing room in them.

okay ive had them for a 2 months now and i love them to bits i havent had any more blisters or pain in my feet just have to makes sure im wearing the right socks as they are still abit big for me one of the best bang for my buck buys

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i just wish they did them in black as im not allowed to use them for cadet exercises :( ah well i still lovem. will be changing the pics so they arn't links as i copied this review i initially did on another forum

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They do 'em in black, I have a pair! Got them from Uk Tactical. Best boots I've ever had, never had blisters with them, and even the desert ones are quite waterproof. Worn them in heavy rain and mud, never had wet feet.



arhhhh why arnt they on the site anymore when did you buy them ???

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I had a pair of these. Really enjoyed them when i first received it. The zipper was a nice plus and kept my feet dry and safe. After about 4-5 months of use maybe 2-3 times a week the rubber tread on the bottom was peeling and falling apart. The inside was also tearing and thus exposing hard plastic causing blisters. Couldn't wear them after that haha. But i enjoyed them for the short time they lasted.

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I bought a pair cause I needed some new boots ASAP and they were an easy, cheap option but oddly enough, and in contrast to most of the reviews I have read, they have been unbelievably uncomfortable. The rigid ankle support in mine juts out and literally stabs me in the side of the ankle with every step, I wore them for a couple of days hoping they would just wear in and gave up after my leg started bleeding.


Sounds kinda like this:




The inside was also tearing and thus exposing hard plastic causing blisters.


Except it happened from day 1. Maybe I just have weird feet. :(

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I am on my second pair now, and with wear time totalling probably six days out of every week, five of those through ten hour work days (I literally don't wear any other shoes except the odd evening once a quarter where dress shoes are needed) the tread seems to last around a year a pair. The older pair is still used for 'softing, there's just enough grip left to be useful in the woods.


The newer set seem to have lasted a bit better though, probably got another three months in them. Great boots, really comfy, robust zipper, good safety toe and good grip everywhere but snow and ice. Not even that expensive either!


Can't fault them at all, and will be buying another pair at the start of next year.

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