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  1. Reply number 666! Haha the evilness of it makes me spam this awesomesause thread!
  2. Saw a similar pouch on a US special forces guy, decided to make my own whilst watching the life of brian. Shame I ran out of green elastic fabric, would have looked slicker but oh well.
  3. I have run 8 for a while now, in an intense fight i may go through 6 then have 2 spare to hand whilst i bomb up the empty ones. The RAV is a *suitcasey* chinese one, I'm looking for a real one even if they run about £300 I'm sick of not having the same quality I had with my previous rig (Warrior RICAS). The PTT speaker box is a Selex CT1 which I had converted to run off motorolla 446 radios. And the cumberbund sags like a *badgeress*, so I put clips on it to help keep it up, the velcro and elastic straps are not so great making want a real one even more.
  4. http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/index.php?showtopic=195808 Enjoy
  5. It's just standard krylon, I can post up my how to thread on here if your want?
  6. My diemaco C8SFW Got my PEQ 15 back, still to come is a Surefire scoutlight, SCU trigger unit, Emags, New charging handle, surefire flash hider, and possible a version 2 Perr mike suppressor.
  7. Well it only took 5 years but I finally have one!
  8. It's the fact that Dave actually has 3 DIS carry handles...... BARSTOOL!
  9. Some artsy fartsy shots I took yesterday of my SFW. Nomononomommnoomom. Still waiting to get my PEQ 15 back from a friend and I will be replacing the 6P with a scoutlight. Need to get a foregrip that actually attaches well rather than having to be cable tied on :/ Internally I'm going to get SCU unit from redwolf for a nice snappy trigger response, and some E mags and I think it will be virtually done Any thoughts or suggestions?
  10. Roll on the VTAC Extreme version and im gunna be all over it.
  11. My new MICH 2000, just need a PVS 21 NVG mount for it and its done
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