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  1. No thread just a smooth barrel.
  2. Druid did when I was with him at a recent game, worked petfectly with no leaks, but he was using acnc gas tank. So impressed I’ve ordered one!
  3. It’s the same internals as the AA12 which I run fine on a 7.4 lipo without it tripping the red battery warning light. I wouldn’t run it on a 9.9 life or higher lipo.
  4. Thanks for the suggesion, new image hoster! TM416 with Hera-Arms CQR foregrip.
  5. My TM416 with it's new Hera foregrip.
  6. G&G Arp 9 with Hera CQR Foregrip
  7. Used the same but in Mandrake over my AA12.
  8. Very nice holster/paint/dip job.
  9. My fantastic new holster made for my MK23 by Druid for me!
  10. Tart!.............but I strangely like it
  11. Knowing Druid's knees that's a good thing!
  12. This is what I came up with for a forward mount/ bottom ris rail. Cheap Chinese shotgun mount and G36 rail from eBay. Some redrilling of holes, some epoxy putty, some longer bolts and there you are. Totally removable and no holes in the plastic body work. Works very well with the gripod, and additional ris for a torch or laser.
  13. Not a dip mate but a vinyl wrap set with a heat gun. Gun skins, American, but I had mine from UrTactical. There's no template for it so you have to buy the non template pack and cut and fit it yourself.
  14. It's true you can arm bears in the woods!
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