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National Airsoft Girls Soviet Vs NATO Weekender


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Hi guys and girls,

NAG are putting on a weekender event on 6-8th November.

Operation Martyrdoom ( Soviets Vs NATO ) please check website for storyline and site details.


The event is to help raise funds towards NAG which is the only not for profit organisation in Europe that actively promotes and recruits more females into the sport of Airsoft.


Ideal time for you to bring any girls you know and give them a feel for the game :D


The Weekender will be based on a mixture of all the best parts from Milsim, Role play and fast paced Skirmishing.

We have hired a pyro company to come let off some big explosions on the saturday also just to add something different.


We will have day tickets and weekend ticket with camping.

Two full days of gaming and a evening game.

Please see the website for further details





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Women with guns and dodgy russian accents?


If i was any more in, i'd actually be out, because i'd have passed all the way through.


random but I like it

btw peeps we are currently "fleshing up " the storyline so if you are up for coming along and would like to be one of the characters for either side please let me know.

trying to make this event fun and a laugh, hence why a mini night game which leaves the rest of the night for a social evening :D

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Where exactly is this event being held? I'm sure it's listed on the website, but i'n on my company laptop and have a funny feeling 'nationalairsoftgirls.co.uk' might raise some eyebrows with the IT blokes at work...



The event is being held at Elite Action Games in Dorking.

BTW the event information can be found on our event site www.nationalairsoftgirls.com :D the .co.uk is more of the organisational info ;-)

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I just read that part in the subject... my bad!


Still, i'll more than likely be there :)


No worries , look forward to seeing you there.

We also have further information on the NAG forum,and will be updating that , the links are on the event website page.

Any suggestions or comments welcome on there also :D

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Further information please see http://www.nationalairsoftgirls.com


DAILY Airsoft game price - £25

WEEKEND inc camping and night game - £50

Held at Elite Action Games - RH5 4RW, Dorking


Need to know expected numbers on this please. Accepting invite or saying yes to me is not enough I need you to fill in this form, takes 5 mins of your time an makes me a happy bunny :D


To register your interest in attending the event use our online event sign up form.




I will then be in contact with regards to payment and confirm booking.



If you wold like to pay your deposit now to confirm your attendance please see http://www.nationalairsoftgirls.com for the paypal buy now button.

Booking will close around 18th October.


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Just to let you know people we now are having to close booking in for the soviet side and are accepting members for the DPM team,

If you would like to play on either the sat or sun or both please book in via our on-line form




we will then be in contact for payment. Alternatively you can book in direct using the pay pal button on http://www.nationalairsoftgirls.com





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Hi peeps,


I will be out and about over the next couple of days, bookings looking good and cant wait to get to dorking now!

If you want to attend please give me a bell or drop a text if you have any questions , DPM only now as the black kit ( soviet side fully booked ) if you wish to turn up on the day.


Please phone/text : 07542015796.


Ill be on site from Friday AM.


Have heard a lot of work has gone into making the site even better, we've done our best so players will have fun over the weekend.



Please anyone looking to attend play close attention to the kit list (might be a wet one and cold, but when's that ever stopped us lol! , arrivals after 4pm please )


8 mids or 3 hi caps 350 AEG 500 sniper .


£25 per day , Sat and Sun games on also, night game if you have booked both days.




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