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  1. cant really not follow that up can i lol my 58/44 pattern webbing set DPM PLCE set (has changed a massive amount) OD PLCE set tan molle belt just missing a pic of my full 44 pattern set lol
  2. my truck from a few weeks back at a game
  3. nice looking lightweight steel (no emails telling me you finished it tho bad man! lol) my truck at its first game last year sometime 07 war and peace 08 war and peace i cant find my 09 pics lol but its my 12 year at war and peace next year and hopefully my S2a 88" 1964 should be finished aswell and possibly a S2a ambulance aswell who knows lol also on the look out for a mk1 ferret if anyone knows where there is one as i am trying to gauge price as milweb as good as it is doesnt give that great a image of prices lol
  4. theres always one lol once i get my BATT kit togeather mate we need pics
  5. i am only taking my 109 down this year i was hoping to take my other one down aswell but thats been benched and will be sold to fund a lightweight so that means there will only be a 109 FFR and a 110 GS going down this year from me anyway
  6. yeah the group i run accepts em mainly because i have em and not only that they are a nice alternative to deacts plus you can actually play with em with out needing to get blank firers etc
  7. so whos there again this year? i will be there with some of my toys and my cold war group
  8. they always use different names they are special lol anyway i will post mine off this peice of junk lol
  9. no hes mean carl gustav the 84mm recoiless in the pic with the squaddies using it
  10. i know how much they are i was offered one not so long ago and for the price i could get a humber 1 ton
  11. well i have been a bought another one looking abit worse for where but will look flash when finished 1964 SIIa 88inch GS when finished it will look something like this only in SWB only differences will be other than its SWB it will carry more kit and be in the same colours as my 1977 S3 FFR
  12. she is just abit yummy and i recognise her from somewhere....dunno where
  13. i dare not show paddy the pics i nearly had a heart failure when i saw em lol but the SLR is an awesome rifle lol
  14. my shiney new pc specs on request mainly because i cant be bothered to type em out lol
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