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A Motion Tracker with you

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Dear Everybody,


I have created a forum to provide support on the new airsoft Motion Tracker device from t-cube (I do not work for t-cube :-) and decided that this forum here, very famous, was a good place to announce it. The Motion Tracker product is in the banner of the Redwolf Airsoft WEB site.


The t-cube site is reachable at http://www.t-cube.hk/


The technical forum is reachable at http://motiontracker.goodforum.net/


Should you be interested in this forum, please do not ask there any commercial questions.


I wish you a good visit.


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Well, because I ordered and received mine (actually two) and discovered that:


1° the doc was slightly wrong and/or incomplete

2° the Web site technical data idem

3° there are a few missing features that I found intelligent to post somewhere


And I thought that discussing the product would help t-cube to enhance it.

Inuf reasons ? :)

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