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  1. Still looks like a pretty awesome place to play! I am forever jealous of the games you guys have.
  2. Anyone able to recommend a decent CQB/FIBUA Site for this weekend(North or Midlands)

  3. So gutted I missed the last EW! although it seems there was no Brits at all this year.
  4. I seem to recall Sigma3 telling me that they have a 'if you see it pointed at you, then be a sport and take it' rule. It's an experience rather than a competitive game.
  5. It may be worthwhile having it incorporated into the rules that eye protection must be worn at all times, even when sleeping. Or making tents 'safe zones' where mags must be removed and guns cleared before entering. I have played games with both systems and it is no great hardship and maintains safety.
  6. I have to ask, were there people in that camp without eye protection on? The bald guy outside appears to be covering his eyes until told to put them down, and people in the tents appeared to not have their eye protection on in some cases.
  7. That's amazing! Was it a part of a training exercise for the emergency services, or an airsoft event that you asked them along to?
  8. The IR option is indeed naff. This is not a robust unit in any sense. The torch part came away pretty easy, and eventually was U/S.
  9. Tactical Tailor launched a Wolf Grey line of kit at SHOT. http://soldiersystems.net/2015/01/22/tactical-tailor-introduces-wolf-grey-to-line/
  10. LBT currently have a decent sale on, including their LBX Glacier Grey Assaulter Uniform. http://lbtinc.com/xmas12.html
  11. Where can you actually buy P* stuff from in the UK? Grange has nothing on their site...

    1. scorch


      They do, it's just listed under "HPA Airsoft" instead of being under "Polarstar"

    2. Azubi


      Cheers squire!

    3. Vice


      Would strongly recommend Amped airsoft after my friend's experience with the Grange.

  12. East German kit tomorrow! A shame my mate broke my MPi-72 so having to use my AK74 as a stand in...

    1. Gunmane


      Yes, this Genosse knows the power of Strichtarn! Shame I can't get out to use my gear. Still need to reacquire a helmet.

    2. Azubi


      It was well received. Plenty of good comments from people.

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