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  1. Not just the physical size of the screen that is important. The amount of pixels is. Actually, the DPI is the best measure, but you can influence that number. I have a 23" LCD with 2048x1152 pixels. It gives me a rather high DPI A 23" screen with 1280x1024 would give you a lot lower DPI making stuff pixelated. I like my pictures high res
  2. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=google&l=1 Im sorry, i just had to
  3. An older pic of me ingame. I was scanning for a guy that had just ran past our defences. Another one:
  4. It is a mirrored image. The aimpoint or whatever has the battery tube on the wrong side. Nice gun though!
  5. Didnt get it this time, so it is probably fixed.
  6. Got it again, this time i managed to take note of the information. Object: ms.diarmuid.co.cc/stats.html Infection: URL:Mal Action: Blocked Process: E:\Opera\Opera.exe Avast antivirus.
  7. Hmm.. I just got a virus pop-up now. The HTML string is not to the Arnie's site itself, but i think to an ad or something. I cant remember the address as the window wasn't there long enough for me to get a good look, but it ended in .cc
  8. The problem with the rules in norway is that it has to be safe for retards to use them. If a retard thinks it would be a good idea to chuck it and blast someones eardrums out, its not "safe". Personally i dont think this is the right way to think, but our fields are generally a lot more accessible to the general public and such, so we have to take civvies into the equation as well... Generally... If we want it allowed, it has to be safe to use in a kindergarten....
  9. I would be all over this if the norwegian airsofters could accept it as "safe". Only thing killing it atm is the weight. Nobody wants one chucked in the head as it is too heavy with a charge in it.
  10. There is no function in the gearbox that prevents overspin, but semi decreases it more than auto does. That is why you use semi to decompress.
  11. FAL. Or something else entirely really You said it youself. AR is cliche. Something new would be fun. Id pimp my tavor to the extreme. Or an AK would be nice. You see, it doesent have to have rails or lots of parts to swap out for it to be customizable.
  12. Gimme the money and we will see something that isnt an AR?
  13. Im liking the left one there. Have a link to it? And what res? Preferrably 2048x1152 or bigger if you know anywhere.
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