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  1. DrKalinka

    Use Google!...or should you

    http://lmgtfy.com/?q=google&l=1 Im sorry, i just had to
  2. DrKalinka

    Real Sword Type 97

    I do in fact agree with punkypink. The T97 does smell like a real gun. The metal parts feel like so also. No big surprise there as it is made at the same place the real ones are...
  3. DrKalinka

    Artistic Airsoft

    What is that thingy on the end? It seems to be obstructing the barrel? Is it a flip-down something?
  4. DrKalinka

    Real Sword Type 97

    Oh, im not strong. Im talking about the perceived weight when shouldered. The CTAR feels a bit heavy when shouldered, but the T97 doesent. Think its due to all the heavy parts being in the back and allmost no heavy parts in the front. That is all plastic of some kind. The CTAR has overall more receiver and parts, making it a bit heavier in the front. I have the rail kit installed though so it adds a bit. Might also add that i do have a Surefire 951 light on it as well, but these observations is with it off. With the light it does get front heavy. But not too much.
  5. DrKalinka

    Real Sword Type 97

    Ive got one of these and i have opened the gearbox a lot more than i would like. My motor cut out on me suddenly. After a game it just stopped working. I dont know why though. Overall a good weapon, but the sights are bad and very high. So high in fact that you will be looking into the rear of the carryhandle untill you adjust for it. Also, the pistol grip is very far back. Because of the light weight, it is no problem, but it might be a bit uncomfortable. The fireselector is also out of reach, so you better get used to walking around with your finger off the trigger. Trigger pull is long. And i mean loooooooong. I got used to it though. Just a quick comment
  6. DrKalinka


    I would only remove that little piece of rail on the barrel on the older setup. It looks a bit out of place. Yes, i know it is on the real SR-25 and so on, but that piece there looks a bit too long.
  7. DrKalinka

    Glock Picture Thread

    Cut a major artery? KISS...

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