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[URGENT] KWA/KSC G18 Fireselector pin won`t come out.


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Hey guys


I`m tinkering at a buddies on his G18, to install a firefly valve. However the fireselector pin part #258 won`t come out.


I put it in safe, push the selector against the slide, and shake and rattle all I want. I tried ludging it out with a small screwdriver as well, but it isn`t moving one bit.


Anyone ever encountered that? How do I get it out without breaking anything?


Quick help is really appreciated. :)

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Right, I'm working off the top of my head here.


Remove the rear sight (by pushing it off sideways) from the slide.


Using an Allen key, remove the grub screw that has been uncovered by the rearsights removal.


Push the selector into the slide.


Tap the rear of the slide into the table (or other surface). A pin should now pop out from the rear of the slide.


Remove the pin (if it hasn't fallen out) from the rear of the slide.


The selector will now come away from the side of the slide.


Search the carpet for the ball bearing and spring that has now fallen out from the back of the selector.


Job done!

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