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Gletcher APS Stechkin with Externals by NPO-AEG

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Wordy title right?
I received by Stechkin from Art at Atacka (http://Atacka.com) along with an extra magazine on Tuesday.
First impressions: It's big and it's heavy.
I've been collaborating with Art on some related projects, so I was clued into the goings on with this particular import.  I learned that exporting airsoft guns out of Russia is a hell of a challenge, and it takes time, patience, connections, and money...and that's to do it legally!
This replica is a 6mm GBB made by Gletcher and refinished by NPO-AEG.  As you can see, NPO-AEG cleaned up the externals and added full trades.  I don't have the full list of enhancements that NPO-AEG made, but Art is working on translating it right now.
Since I care a lot about externals, I'm very pleased with this replica.  Dimensions look good too.  It fits in all the holsters I tried it in:
The slide + frame are metal and the grip panels are plastic.  The left side grip pops off to reveal where you put the C02 cartridge:
You then use an allen wrench (supplied) to move up a bolt that pushes the cartridge up against the valve.  Pretty straightforward.
The mags are basically sticks.  A bit disappointing for anyone looking for full size mags.  They hold 18 rounds each and given their size, they're a little tricky to find pouches for.  Anything made to fit mak mags won't really work, but I found that some adjustable pouches, like the pictured CCO MOLLE pouch, do ok
The manual is pretty light, so I'm not totally sure how to fully disassemble the gun.  I managed to remove the slide by pressing down on the trigger guard:
I only got to shoot two mags, so I can't comment too much on performance.  I'll know more after Sunday when I shoot more pics + vids.  I can say that the blowback is really intense, probably due to the explosive power of the first few shots.  The chrono showed that the first two or three shots were around 420FPS before falling to the high 300's on the subsequent shots.  Again, I'll have more to say when the weekend is over.
Buy buy buy.  I'm a tad biased because I have contributed photo + video help to Atacka.com, but damn do I love this replica.  Not only does it fix the Gletcher trade issue, but the performance is pretty awesome.  The FPS issue is something that I'll wait for airsmiths to solve, but the recoil as of now gives this GBB a really great fun factor.

I know some of you performance nuts will want to know about hop up (does it have one?  is it adjustable?), cool down (how many shoots per cartridge?  how fast can you shoot a magazine?), fps (what's the range?  how do I limit the FPS?), but I don't have all the answers right now.  On Sunday I hope to do a more thorough review of the pistol.


Until now, appreciate that the Gletcher Stechkin GBB is finally available to consumers outside of Germany and Russia!  :D

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If you're in the UK Rusmilitary has them in stock along with the Grach (which is sold NBB but can be mod'd to GBB).


The Rusmilitary ones are straight from Gletcher so they have the nasty trades.

I got mine from Atacka.com which sells the NPO-AEG refinished ones for $350 (218 sterling).  Straight Gletcher one at $254 (159 sterling).


For US folks the Atacka one makes sense because the shipping is free and you get the bonus of the improved exterior.  For UK and EU people, if your pocketbook is making the decision...probably consider Rusmilitary.  

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they are also going to be a modified version only available through them that has an attachable stock and suppressor. i think we had a topic on it before, but they are only starting to sell them now. i don't know the price of the carbine version, but if i were to buy one, it would be that.


they function very similarly to the win gun CO2 blowback pistols. so while the firing action is single action, the loading action is double action. so it has a light but long trigger pull. im not a fan of the action, but it shoots fine and its a Stechkin APS, you just cant pass that up.





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