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  1. I think he said rusmilitary do them, he looks to be right, damn phone won't paste the url lol
  2. Got 2x have the picatinny rail version aswell
  3. Looks like G&G are using LCT externals again, I have the G&G AKMS and love it, tho JDAirsoft sell the LCT NV AKSU for £330 I'd rather go with the LCT over the G&G as its cheaper for the same thing. Plus the NV new version has the LCT gearboxes which are nice and seem well made.
  4. I have to say i quite like that SteevoLS as its different!
  5. Whitehawk what torch mount are you using there?
  6. Loving thoses grips hardboiledcop, where did you get them?
  7. That's exactly what i want ThegreatMrPoo! I asked bingo how much it would cost to do afew days ago lol How do you find it?
  8. Nice Chaosloard after seening Discodante's AK74 with plum grips i've got a nice RS set on the way for my VFC
  9. Nice discodante thats what i'm thinking of doing with my VFC AKS74N, when i can find some nice RS plum grips for a decent price.
  10. Skaos what kind of front hand guard is that on the aksu?? Looks really nice!!
  11. aznriptide859 what kind of flash hider is that?? Looks cool!
  12. Was about to say the same! When are you selling them bladerunner168?
  13. Yay finally got myself a TM P226 love the PGC kit!
  14. Got my bro to take a picture of my Inokatsu AK74m/AK103 and newly acquired smersh and gorka
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