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How awesome is japanese TV?


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Easy, maybe the first thing that comes to mind when I think of "Japanese game show"  I assume because this is on youtube, it's ok to post





Also another which I won't post, which involves one girl in a bikini sitting on a stool.  There are two two teams(which are irrelevant), each with a large tub of boiling hot water.  As long as a member of a team is in the water, the stool shakes.  What follows is each team holding a team mate down in the water as they scramble to get out, in order to watch the girl shake around

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I am sorry but after clicking on the above video and seeing the subtitles 'your *albatross* looks moist' I think I nearly brought back up my breakfast and every meal this week, even the ones that have already been evacuated. :unsure:


But either way I still thing that this one does it for me:



I mean how much do you want to get it right and not take a shot to the nuts?



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Its got to be Takeshis castle , some of the knock outs are hilarious. And the really weird ending laser battle !


cant believe someone actually won as well , it never happens - no special treatment afterwards either. Its as if they have no clue what to do if somebody wins..... " oh *fruitcage* someone actually won - what do we do ? " " ROLL THE CREDITTSSSSSSSSS".

A great clip.

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