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  1. Hi Delta , great review buddy Any chance of some pictures with the Osprey suppressor and torch mounted ? thanks!
  2. I love how you have a V2 BTC Spectre just laying around... im so jealous of your workshop!
  3. Covered up the black on my belt to fit in with MTP a bit better. Used inside out DPM fabric and some khaki fabric from old items. Looks okay to me ! HSGI Double Decker Taco HSGI X2R Taco Pouch Tactical Tailor Double SMG pouch - Holding 2 1911 Extended Mags Tactical Tailor Vertical Utility pouch Blackhawk! Serpa - 1911 Commander Style ( TM MEU) Viper Security belt with weird fabric thingy
  4. Not at all. Over 2 and a half years now of regular use on Guarders green gas and no signs of wear!
  5. Finally got some decent light to snap a photo of my Tokyo Marui 1911 MEU. Its completely stock other than the TM Nightwarrior 3 dot sights. Never felt it needed anything other than 3 dots and 40rd extended mags...
  6. Well i would imagine that the 6.01 was more accurate at close range , but that the 6.03 would outrange it considerably due to a larger cushion of air for the bb to ride on. But that is mere speculation id like to see a comparison too!
  7. Yep , performing excellantly ! as soon as i read your comment i went out to the garden and fire 30 shots at an a4 piece of paper from just under 30 metres away. Considering the breeze, the fact i was shooting from the shoulder , that i didnt clean the barrel before and that its been sat in its box for 6 weeks , the accuracy and consistency is certainly still very high as every shot hit the paper. I dont know how that compares to a more scientific test , but it certainly makes your aeg more skirmishable For the 40 odd quid , its certainly worth it !
  8. Indeed - forgot to mention that the base gun was a King Arms M4A1 !
  9. Well , after drooling at the fantastic " Reptile House Blog" for a while , and seeing both the authors MIlCiv builds and this one in particular - http://thereptilehouseblog.com/2014/04/04/jbs-ddm4/ , i decided to push my M4 in a more Milciv Direction. To plagiarize someone earlier in the thread " sometimes i also like to go fast! Externals - ( Acronym dump incoming ) Madbull DD DE Omega 12inch , ACM Eotech XPS, FCC AAC Flashider, ACM Daniel Defense A1.5 BUIS , ACM Ladder rail Covers , Marui Sling Mount , PTS MOE Buttstock, PTS MOE RVG, PTS Pmag M version /w/ magpul
  10. Well if everyone else is showing off their trigger response.... Its a stock King arms gearbox with a Lonex pisoton, SHS Hightorque and the BTC Chimera MK2 (which performs identically to the spectre, just taking up more room)
  11. So my setup now is - Prometheus soft bucking (purple) H nub Prowin cnc m4 unit Mad bull steel bull barrel It's definitely worked great in my King Arms M4A1
  12. Skirmished it twice now ! First outing I was impressed , as in the woods my groupings were certainly tighter. Sadly it's a fairly open site and it was blowy as hell , so can't tell you too-definitely. Then, I changed the rubber for a promy purple, and even though that had barely bedded in, the accuracy was certainly better than with the deep fire rubber , and leaps ahead of the deep fire rubber and stock barrel. It was sadly still fairly windy at the second skirmish, but I managed to hit someone who was lain down aiming at me from 45m away. I most easily noticed the change at home, where I c
  13. http://eagle6.co.uk/shop/catalog/product/view/id/697/s/blacktalon-concepts-spectre-fet-for-v2-gearbox/ Yep - just in today at the slightly eye watering price of £119.99
  14. Finally got my DE MBUS and MOE Grip. Now pondering over some xtms...
  15. No clue im afraid - as far as my knowledge stretches its just Madbull. Says made in Taiwan if thats any help!
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