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Longterm review of the WE Katana M4 with comparison to PTW and recommendations for tuning!

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Hey guys,


Here is my detailed long-term review of the WE Katana M4A1 pointing out all design flaws and recommendations to make it last a while. Also included is a short comparison to the A&K M4A1 PTW clone.
Tuning List:
Modify Gearset Smooth Torque
Matrix Magnum Torque Motor
Madbull 6,01 363mm inner barrel
ASCU Gen. 3+ V2
A&K PTW Piston
WE Katana Upgrade Set
Best regards
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Got no intention of doing so, completely OTT for UK power levels.

I see, I was just wondering whether you had any issues with Seigetek from your previous post :P


That said RiotSC have gearsets that set his products apart from the rest of the manufacturers, like his 10.44:1 gears and his dual sector gear.  His stuff IMO shouldn't be looked at purely on a durability basis.


Anyway, deviating from his topic, so I'll shut up n

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