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  1. SuperCriollo

    A Bad Month for My Pistol Collection

    For the Hicapa mag release spring, you can simply stretch it out a bit to increase the tension.
  2. SuperCriollo

    WE Desert Eagle (Licensed by Cybergun)

    That's sad, only reason why I was considering getting one was to use it alongside my girlfriend who runs a chromed TM with 7 mags lol
  3. SuperCriollo

    WE Desert Eagle (Licensed by Cybergun)

    Read through the whole thread, and not sure if I missed it, but does anyone know if the WE DE is compatible with TM mags ?
  4. SuperCriollo

    DAS M4A1 BY GBLS Korea

    All skepticism is valid and justified, but I am pretty exited about this project. If the reliability and performance are there, just the fact that this gun has a forged receiver makes it worth if for me (in the $500 - $1000 price bracket) Comparing it to GBBR's is a bit unfair, as I dont think is its objective. On the other hand, it would be the ultimate AEG, rendering PTWs, ERGs and TM's next gen obsolete with one stroke. I'm kinda curious about the trigger feel too, since they said it can be used like a springer when the battery runs dry (if I remember correctly). If it has a mechanical feel like a VSR that would splendid.
  5. SuperCriollo

    DAS M4A1 BY GBLS Korea

    -Precocking -Forged receivers -Steel outer barrel and (hopefully) furniture -Bolt stop Only thing that remains to be seen, is the hop up unit. I would be willing to say that on this day and age, it would be difficult for them to @#$&$ this up. This gun is definitely very promising. It has the potential to render PTWs obsolete (most AEGs are already obsolete in my mind )
  6. SuperCriollo

    Tokyo Marui AA12

    Don't know,those plastic bushings look awfully discouraging... I the piston head legs look like a possible weak point. Doing a high speed build (for trigger response) is probably gonna be expensive. Hey, could you check how strong the magnets in that motor are? Thanks
  7. SuperCriollo

    First Impressions: Tokyo Marui M4 MWS GBBR

    Nice, cannot wait to see what upgrades come in the future. As for how slugish the GHK shoots, everyone knows that it can be easily fixed with a stronger recoil spring. I run MAPP pro gas in my G5 mags, and is even better. The great advantage of the GHK is that fps stays fairly consistent even when using different gases, which I find awesome. The TM has it beaten on the bolt catch department though, as I already had to file mine into shape again.
  8. SuperCriollo

    Ghk m4 gbbr 10.5"

    Question, would I be able to run a real steel Magpul asap sling plate in a GHK M4? I've seen quite a few ACM ones for GBR and PTW around, but I don't wanna trust my gun to a piece of pot metal. Thanks !
  9. SuperCriollo

    PolarStar Fusion Engine V3 in a King Arms Galil MAR

    I would recommend you try the Cyma Bulgarian AK (modeled after 5.56 mags ), they are the same as the "magpul" beta project mags, at half the price. I've moded the BP mags to work successfully in my KA Galil by filing the front hook. The beta project mags are not that great quality, but you can remove the shell and fit it into a ICS steel Galil hicap if you wanna go for a more classic look. The external quality of the ICS mags is miles ahead of the KA midcaps. Instead of a tracer unit, you could always modify your hop up unit to illuminate the bbs with UV LEDs. That would solve the problem of your tracer unit not being able to keep up with your RPS setting. Lastly, not sure how much you care for authenticity, but the trigger in the KA Galil is completely wrong. The real Galil uses a straighter trigger, instead of an AK one. Thankfully ICS uses a correct trigger, and you can order it from their website!
  10. SuperCriollo

    Ghk m4 gbbr 10.5"

    According to samoons you are supposed to only fill the mags for 4 seconds.Maybe that's why it's shooting in over 1j ? Not sure.
  11. SuperCriollo

    Volante-airsoft Merlin Blow Back Unit (BBU) review.

    AFAIK hicapa mag routers are different from 1911's. It makes me wonder how well the supplied parts work in a 1911.
  12. SuperCriollo

    1911 Picture Thread

    Here is my baby love Everything that could be upgraded has been upgraded: - TM 1911a1 - NOVA Kimber S.W.A.T. Custom II Slide - NOVA Kimber S.W.A.T. Custom II Frame - Stainless Kimber chamber and outer barrel - NOVA Kimber Steel Slide Stop - NOVA Kimber Steel (ambidextrous) Thumb Safety - NOVA Steel Magwell - NOVA SS Barrel Bushing - NOVA SS Recoil Rod - ProG4 Sear - ProG4 Valve knocker - ProG4 Steel Trigger Stirrup - PDI Skeletonized Hammer - PDI Steel Hammer strut - Airsoft Surgeon Steel Disconnector Set - Airsoft Surgeon Rubber recoil buffer & washer set - PDI W rubber - TK Twist inner barrel - Nineball Piston Head - Guarder oil-quenched recoil spring (150%) - Guarder oil-quenched hammer spring (150%) - Shooters Design Loading Nozzle - 3 hole trigger with over travel adjustment screw - Nitesiters Tactical Glow sights - Custom hop up assembly with ILLusion internals' - RS Kimber grips
  13. Why would you get Modify gears. They aren't the best in my experience. A much better choice would be Core/SHS/ZCI if you are in a budget, or Lonex or Siegeteck if u have the funds.
  14. SuperCriollo

    Real Sword Type 97

  15. SuperCriollo

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    My little project. Socom Gear/ VFC Noveske N4 lonex internals and shs high torque motor. This is what I want to achieve: Current progress

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