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WELL MB-02 - cylinder quentions

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So, I just got me a Well MB-02, VSR "clone". It's the short, bull-barreled version. I chose it essentially because of the idea of making a scout sniper rifle. I don't plan on going full sniper mode, only vary my type of game at times. It's my first bolt-action in 8 years of airsoft, so, and having read a bit about the subject, I'm still kinda lost here...
I have read that the MB-02 has a smaller cylinder than the rest of VSR compatible type rifles. My doubt is, how is it smaller? Outer diameter, inner diameter, length?
How is this relevant? If either the outer diameter or the length are different, then cylinder upgrades are virtually a no go.
Can anyone help with the measurements? Specifically, outer diameter and length of the cylinder.

Thanks in advanced!

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I've managed to slap PDI VSR internals in mine. So I can't say there's any difference.


Well MB-02 upgraded with:

PDI 90 degree trigger

PDI hop chamber(version 1 with special cylinder head)

PDI hard piston

PDI Raven 9mm spring guide

PDI 9mm spring.


The part I know IS different is the cocking handle. It has a smaller diameter than the TM VSR and won't fit 3rd part VSR cylinders without modifications. My friend put a PDI Raven in a lathe and made it fit, till I broke the cylinder.

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Thanks for the input! :)

From what I managed to find out, and what you say confirms it, it's only the outer diameter of the cylinder that is smaller, correct? The inside parts, namely the piston, will fit.

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