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  1. Pretty standard looking weekend load. I'd add either waterproofs or dry sleeping clothes (wooly hat to sleep in +1). Sleeping in sopping gear sucks, fighting from a bump in your pants even more so. booboo kit? just to keep small nicks from leaking or getting in them. I assume you have got another 2lt of water on your back in addition to the 4lt? I am always shocked how quickly I get through it in the field (but that is mostly because I'll stop and make tea at any given opportunity) I pack dog poop bags in a sturdy ziplock instead of bin bags, smaller parcels
  2. I'll save you a whole bunch of time. Basically everything you can do with a MK1 is on this page. https://atelierkc.fr/2019/10/15/kj-mk1-mk2-the-ultimate-upgrade-guide-part-i-internal-mods-en-version/
  3. Leo kohler gear also runs just on the baggy side for my tastes which is a shame because it is damn fine gear
  4. If it works and solves a problem it isn't lame.
  5. I am replacing with APS orings. Now I have some of these out of shells I'll send them to the guys I buy orings from and see if they can match them in bulk. I'm dallying with drilling out the caps until I have a new vice for my pillar drill. Entertained myself today by Devil modding all my co2 GHK mags also.
  6. swapping out half a dozen of these orings that have been sloppily cut.
  7. Finally released from customs. Still there with the scres for the mag tube. Interestingly has the gold sia follower
  8. https://youtu.be/2tQ-8Jg6RjE Not in english but points to a few interesting things. Mine is with UK customs as I type, just waiting for my ransom note. Pics when it gets here
  9. Does the wider opening affect the priming position as per your guide with presetting the valve with a bb? Does the wider channel allow the vale to move further forward than one un-widened?
  10. What outer barrel are you using? or are you running without a gas block.
  11. (click to supersize) Just for reference, The upper nozzle is a 1j The lower nozzle with the obviously smaller valve is the stock. There is a sight difference in the stiffness of the valve springs which means the 1j shuts off much faster.
  12. I'll try and take some comparison pics of the 1j and stock nozzles tomorrow. so I'm adding something to the thread, here is the oring sizes that Nugentgl put up on gasguns. GHK Magazines: Green Gas Valve = 1mm x 8mm; 1.1mm x 5.6mm; 1.5mm x 4.5mm (grey oring); 1.78mm x 2.57mm C02 Valve = 1mm x 8mm; 1.1mm x 5.6mm Magazine Tube Cap = 1.78mm x 14mm GHK M4: Nozzle = 3mm x 12mm (black oring)
  13. Better? they click through bigger no real changes other than a sling plate, surefire brake (avalon I think) and an emerson gunfighter grip.
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