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review:ELEMENT's ELLM 01 (lam)

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The Rheinmetal Defense ELLM 01 is an alternative for the Insigth PEQ-box, a so called LAM

(Laser Aiming Module)

He is in use by the  German,British, and , the Netherlands fighting forces.

Personaly i find he's nice under a G36, but under a sidearm its a pretty bulky piece of gear !

I tried to fit him under my Mk23, but that isn't possible , due to an other style of rail.!


The ELLM  is equiped with a flashlight, IR, and visible laser, witch could be selected by an

selector switch aside.

There are 3 presure switches,  at the back of the ELLM (the black squares)

this are the on/ off switches. they could be reached from different angles/positions.

There is also a connection for a remote pressure pad.


ELEMENT is de only manufacturer making this replica, (as far as i know ?)

And this is a real nice made replica, one of  the best items i have already seen from ELEMENT !

The housing is Full Metal ! and their even markings casted in !

The finish is very good ! cant say anyting bad about it  !

This replica as all the functions of the real counterpart !!

The Flashlight is very bright, the visible laser red and Adjustable !

The IR functions seems to be working, but i am not able to verify this , because i have no NVG  :)


The ELLM 01 comes in a blister packaging, with a remote pad, velcro strip for the remote, stickerset,

rubber cover for the remote socket

And a nice&clear Manual at the inside of the blister.









This photo's under my M1911 only for comparison !







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Okay,  thx,  i heard already about , but couldn't find him ?


Element is considered the better option.


A few things to add;


I think Ollie_TY raised the issue of it draining batteries even when left on. I can't confirm this BUT when I received it the batteries included were flat. Either 1) the batteries were flat anyway or 2) it drained them. I take them out when not using it in anycase. 


I'm minded to think that people buy this as an LLM replica first and a LAM later... that being said I'm very impressed with the torch output. Likewise the visible laser goes further then airsoft ranges 


Have yet to test the IR functions but I may do that this weekend. I'll try and get pics but I'd imagine they'd be a bit !

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FWIW - yes the ir function is naff. I tested it indoors (with gen1) - the laser was nonexistent and the lamp projected a pale light about 15cm wide against a wall 7m away. Not tried it outside as I deemed it pointless! Visible light and laser are fine though - is it even possible to 'zero' the latter?

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