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Finally, there's a UK shop that provides wooden pistol grips specifically for Airsoft RIF's, that fit straight on. Meaning you don't have to spend £100+, just to carve them up straight away.


What's more, there's also a design engraving service as well. You can send in any design, or perhaps your teams logo, and have them put on the grips as well.


And with all pre order prices at £35, what more could you ask for!


Take a look at the website and get your order in now!



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Also, the list of what grips are covered going forward:


1911 (all brands)

Compact 1911 (WE, WA)

P226 (all brands)

P228/9 (KJW, WE)

M9 (all brands)

M93r (all brands)

M84 (WE, WA)

Desert Eagle

CZ75 (all brands)

Browning hi power (WE)

PPK (Maruzen)

Makarov (KWC Only)


Dan Wesson Revolvers

M10, M36 (Tanaka)

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