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  1. Everything that guy makes is pure art.
  2. Might you be interested in a Gas shotgun M870 as a trade?
  3. Most sites I play at if it’s over it’s over, no ifs ands or buts. But then again it’s a CQB site with no DMRs
  4. After a government enforced hiatus, back on the field.
  5. Thanks Shmook. We have a date in August for her to move on. She’s said she doesn’t really intend to have a legal battle, she doesn’t have the money to pay for one anyway. Just a case of waiting until the new year and I can file shortly after our first anniversary. That’ll be a fun conversation!
  6. Wow that’s rough. Life’s a !
  7. Turns out you can’t legally do that. Even if you do own the house. Sadly the behaviour now is why it’s over. Carried the team for 8 months solid to an extraordinary level, and had enough. If we get to the end of the month then I shall start yelling!
  8. Told the wife it was over 2 weeks ago. She’s still on the sofa and making very minimal effort to move out of my house. As if lockdown wasn’t hard enough!
  9. I used to think WE but a lot of reviews show them to not be 100% compatible on parts, so no idea!
  10. I believe they’re the same OEM as Raven EU, being Nuprol.
  11. Can’t believe I found someone selling a near mint condition Hera Arms kit! Not quite as readily skirmishable as the armourer works kit since the pistol is semi permanently locked in there with a trigger pin, but cool none then less.
  12. Thanks. I have a JG one that doesn’t quite fit in the shell (too small a hole for it to pivot on) but it looks to be the same sizes and this one has no obvious wear. I did buy another one but I seem to have misplaced it in the shed! Any obvious points I should look at to see it’s worn? Looks spotless to me?
  13. The safeties should just pop in nice and happily from memory? I usually had problems with them working themselves apart because they were just a push fit? If they’re causing that much problem to put in it sounds like somethings in the wrong place?
  14. Hi Guys, hoping someone can assist with a strange problem I'm having! Working on a DMR with a cut off selector late to keep it in semi. But the cut off lever is not lifting the trigger contact, so stays in full auto. I have tried the following already: Different triggers x 3 Different switch block different selector plate different gearset I have videoed it cycling. You can see the sector gear is hitting the cut off lever, but then seems to skip past it, and I cannot for the life of me fgure out whats wrong. None of the parts show any signs of damage. Thanks in advance!
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