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  1. Got Wood?

    Stubby Car15

    Finally got an answer from PTS on the cost of the specific furniture. $150!
  2. Got Wood?

    Stubby Car15

    How did you achieve that handguard? Can’t find any Airsoft examples. Only real steel which will have a different pitch on the barrel nut
  3. Got Wood?

    Stubby Car15

    As an update: 7” Barrel ordered LCS Engineering will do the work on the handguard for £40. Pretty reasonable! JG M16a1 on order for the receiver etc (already has the correct cylinder for the barrel I’m told) Slim ares AEG grip form the spares bin for a nicer touch Only part I’m not 100% right now is the stock and buffer tube. I’ve picked one up to cut down, but I’m not sure on how solid it’s going to be. With the stock cut down, it’s as long as a lipo stick battery, which means it can’t be used fully collapsed, and also when the stock is extended fully (with cut down tube) there is very minimal surface contact between the tube and the stock, which leads me to believe it will wobble like hell at full extension.
  4. And still no one is cloning the micro Acogs!
  5. Got Wood?

    Stubby Car15

    Agreed. I’ll slowly build this. Should be fairly easy apart from the handguard. I’ll have to settle for an A3 upper though. A1 uppers are hard to get a hold of (on a budget) nowadays. Shopping list: Skinny hand guards (Brownells) Buffer tube (eBay) 7” outer barrel (eBay) Shorter inner barrel (eBay) Car stock (eBay) Hacksaw the buffer tube, and the stock. I have a dreamer so I can tidy up the rough edges left over after sawing the stock. Buffer tube will be hidden so not worried on that. Just the hand guards to worry about. At £25 a set it’s expensive to get wrong a few times. Might see if LCS are prepared to take that job on...
  6. Got Wood?

    Stubby Car15

    That’s exactly what I was after, thank you Alexander! Shame it’s a bodge build. The likely good of my creating that and being happy with the quality of my work is very slim! An alternative exists, the Olympic Arms K23B, but the hand guard isn’t as attractive
  7. Got Wood?

    Stubby Car15

    Hi guys, was looking into rebuilding the below. The PTS Legacy Car15. But have hit a road block with the handguard and stock. The stock appears to just be cut short. But the handguard I cannot find. Does such a thing exist? Or have PTS completely fabricated it?
  8. Got Wood?

    Dytac Lonestar M4 & Spare Upper

    Looking for a valuation on this. Cerkoted Begadi DIS 8/9 Pmags, 120/30rd switchable Dear wired into buffer tube, on deans 320 FPS Barrel extension in full rifle pic is not included Dytac Upper Cerakoted, matching Lower A2 Carry handle included as well as DIS Currently missing charging handle (any old one will do) 3 prong flash hider CBQR length outer barrel ICS(?) Upper Unknown KAC traded rail, with stabiliser Daniel defence fixed iron sights 2 genuine KAC rail covers, 2 clones Also included: Various clone stocks, XM type, M4A1, Magpul, dytac. Slim hand guards, systems standard hand guards 2 or 3 KAC 2 piece rails Aim point gooseneck mount Various other little pieces. Moving to MP5 platform and won’t be of any use to me
  9. Got Wood?

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    Talk about your first world problems: Washing machine broke down after about 8 of my collar stiffeners joined forces and created a jam in my washing machines drain pump and somehow the drum as well. Was totally fubarred so decided now was a good time to get a machine that dries also (what with it being winter and nowhere to really hang stuff to dry out of the way) So I decided instead of being incredibly tight with money, I’ll buy one brand new! It arrives, the 2 guys can’t install it because the stopcock under the sink is buggerred. Stopping the water introduced a leak out of the handle. So after several hours, and several trips outside and under the pavement to stop the mains water, I get that replaced. At this point I’ve done a harder job than fitting the machine, so I did that rather than have to blag another day working from home so someone can do it. Then the most horrific high pitched whining comes from it after about 3 uses! Guy comes to repair it under warranty. Takes the motor out and it’s apparently normal, they usually bed in (?!) but he speeds the process up by wearing down the brushes a little manually. Good stuff. Puts it all back into place, and introduces electrical problems that blows 3 fuses in appliances, and trips the house each time! Changes the wiring on the machine, no luck. Takes the motor out and puts it back in again, working again, but high pitched still. Tells me to wear it in, and I do so, but it now comes up with an error message to say the brushes are worn out now, and will no longer open the door. Thank god I tested it without clothes in!
  10. Got Wood?

    Looking for info of a UK anti terror unit

    You’ll often see police medics at football games etc where there’s the expectation of rowdiness and injuries. I don’t know but it would seem that this capability could also stretch to firearms units within police, they may have a selection of team members who are also medically qualified and can step into that role if required. Recently went to a meeting at Twickenham whilst a training exercise was on. Didn’t get to see anything but there were a lot of regular London ambulances there, which makes me feel like standard ambulance staff are trained to step up in times of crisis. The ambulance service has various stages of staff that relate specifically to a size of incident, so you may find a silver commander paramedic may step into that role. This is all speculation, I do not know anything concrete!
  11. Got Wood?

    Locked Glock slide

    I mean, my screwdriver method has got to be quicker than that...
  12. Got Wood?

    Locked Glock slide

    Whoop whoop. Not sure why this happens with mine but it’s usually when matching brands. The theory on the slide travelling too far back could be correct. Do you have a spacer at the front of the slide, rubber, metal or otherwise?
  13. Got Wood?

    Locked Glock slide

    When this ever happens to me it’s the disconnect or. Look down the slide, barrel facing you. Pull back the slide as far as you can, and use a tiny screwdriver to push down on the disconnector (left side beside the nozzle) the slide should then come all the way forward. You’ll have to keep pushing it down as you bring the slide forward
  14. Got Wood?

    Locked Glock slide

    I have this every now and then, usually it’s a very harsh disconnect or. Can you pull the slide back from battery?
  15. Got Wood?

    Glock Picture Thread

    If you’re after a cheap one, I’d go Army before Bell

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