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  1. Got Wood?

    Glock Picture Thread

    All that nice stuff and you didn’t change the frame? Why?
  2. Got Wood?

    Schnitzel with noodles - what made you smile today?

    Managed to empty my bladder which is what’s keeping me in hospital after a small hip operation. All clear to go home
  3. Got Wood?

    Army G36 Feedback?

    At that sort of termperaturr I just go AEG. As I wasn’t too familiar with the rifle yet, or it’s chrono result, I figured putting more powerful gas in wasn’t going to be the best idea. No idea if the Army nozzle would even take it
  4. Then some electrical tape along the top or sides of the end of the tube, for that very solid fit!
  5. Got Wood?

    Army G36 Feedback?

    At 4°c also. Nozzle, I have not. At the very end of the nozzle? It does have one (seen reports some don’t) and moves freely. No idea on tolerances though
  6. Got Wood?

    Airsoft Stuff You Just Bought

    Bought a DIS. Not even going to be playing until summer!
  7. Got Wood?

    Army G36 Feedback?

    So after a couple of indoor games yesterday. Temperature was 4°c, windy, and wet. The rifle could reliably pump out half a mag with individual or double taps, with rests in between. Any more than that and it struggled. It’s fair to expect this given the price point and the weather in my opinion. I did nothing to warm or protect the mags from the cold. Rifle chrono’d 280 with the white FPS restrictive disc on .25s running propane (I found an old van in the house that was still full!) Shimming the spring with a second, harder spring I think caused some inconsistencies, so reverted back to stock with no spacer to see if that evened it out. Hop was good while gas and power output were on form (changed to green decepticon rubber) Changing the FPS disc was a pain. Mostly because the pin for the spring on the nozzle is not the right size and not the same orientation as the WE. I managed to get it 90% out but the end was so mangled from tapping it out that I gave up removing it. Would recommend replacing that when you do eventually strip it down to bare bones. Could have easily been a long threaded bolt and saved a lot of time. I’m in surgery this week and then won’t be playing until summer. Very much looking forward to using this when it’s warmer!
  8. Got Wood?

    Anyone still around from the old days?

    2008 was when I started playing. Didn’t join any forums for a good while though(ignorance was bliss) Now that Zero In is a mess I’m exclusively on here now. Wish I could change my name from my 6 month long shopping venture haha
  9. Got Wood?

    Pics of your Gear

  10. Got Wood?

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    Especially for the price tag...
  11. Got Wood?

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    Just go withStock WE, and buys bunch of nozzles. Only thing I ever heard of breaking was nozzles. Still no idea why no ones made a heavyweight Abs/Polymer bolt for a very snappy machine
  12. Got Wood?

    Army G36 Feedback?

    Ah I didn’t know the button was unrealistic. I’ll be locking the handle to the left and using it more like an MP5 style. Release and let go is what I’ve been doing. I can get the mags into M4 single pouches if they’re right way up, with no base plate on. Will give it a good go this Sunday and see how she does
  13. Got Wood?

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    Looks great. I bought myself a full RaTech build years ago. Cost me £700 out the box and ran like *suitcase*. Stock WE was better!
  14. Got Wood?

    Army G36 Feedback?

  15. Got Wood?

    Army G36 Feedback?

    One thing I forgot to mention, the bolt stop on the mags is a little proactive, a few times the bolt has locked to the rear with 1 round left in the chamber. I’d rather that than it not lock at all, and it’s nice that a bolt release is too large, they’re typically too small

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