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  1. Worth a punt on Cyma. They were always very rock solid in my LCTs, so could be in the larger side?
  2. Have a look at the gas router on top, and the underside of the nozzle. Is one mag curved, and the other flat? Flat routers will work with curved nozzles, but curved routers will cause flat nozzles to foul either on the blowback or more commonly, on the return to battery
  3. Humble entry that I picked up off a friend. Sadly it doesn’t seem feasible to extend the stock any further, but a big improvement on out of the box. Just need to sort out replacing the built in sight for the RIS top mount so I can put a worthwhile optic on it
  4. Felt bad for bringing people to have a go at Airsoft and having no tac gear to lend then so I whipped up a cheapo chest rig and way too pleased how it turned out. Viper VX buckle up rig - £28 Wynex drop down utility pouch - £10 Viper elastic mag insert - £6 ACM shotgun shell slips - £5 each All off Amazon prime!
  5. Then, what’s with the drum mag?
  6. A crime has been committed. Why must everyone ram a drum mag when HPA-ing…
  7. After a government enforced hiatus, back on the field.
  8. Can’t believe I found someone selling a near mint condition Hera Arms kit! Not quite as readily skirmishable as the armourer works kit since the pistol is semi permanently locked in there with a trigger pin, but cool none then less.
  9. Both will never be that clean again. Is the acog genuine?
  10. That is nice and clean, Blob. Finally finished off my spare parts and got another fully assembled Glock out of it. Have one of all gens except 1 now. Nice thing is I have 3 spare barrels and hops, and now 2 plastic slides, and 2 metal slides in the collection. So I can be ready all times of the year! Gen2 USA version G25 (KJW) Gen3 blank G19 (KJW) Gen4 G17 (Army, HK3P) with suppressor ready barrel, and spare Gen5 G34 (TM, KJW) I lost the front fibre sight, threw it away as they’re for the genuine article and I bodged the filing it down to fit. For now it’s got a tritium front instead.
  11. Just a quick one, the new G19 from TM apparently has the new larger diameter nozzles in. Does anyone know if these nozzles are backwards compatible with the older gen glocks?
  12. I’ve used them many many times. Reputable and fairly quick
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