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  1. Got Wood?

    Alpha-Tec Closed?

    If I remember rightly there was a 2nd PTW tech trying to get some of Tack’s business, and I had one job from the Airsoft engraver but that turned out alright so I had no cause for complaint
  2. Got Wood?

    TM Glocks AWOL from WGC Shop

    There was a time where they all disappeared. I made s thread about it o think. They seem to be coming back but it’s probably the least stocked of TMs pistols.
  3. Got Wood?

    Pictures of your Plate Carriers

    Are those MP7 mags? They look huge
  4. Got Wood?

    Tippmann mod 20 rps 1200 rpm

    Okay this is like the 5th thread for this gun, made with different titles, pictures, barely coherent descriptions that don’t fit the format for this forum. Just stop, and accept no one is going to buy this trash, please.
  5. Got Wood?

    Alpha-Tec Closed?

    Yeah, in the end I went for the brand new TRMR E1
  6. Got Wood?

    WE All new G series products

    Yep. I mean I could solve the problem probably with red or black gas, but I like the ABS mags, and I used black in one of them during spring last year, which resulted in the mag blowing in my face and giving me temporary (luckily) freezer burn
  7. Got Wood?

    WE All new G series products

    Getting a little frustrated with mine in all honesty. Even in the warmer weather it’s just not performing as well as an Army Armament 17. For now I’ve tried removing the heavier springs on the hammer and recoil, which resulted in low power. I’ve now cut a recoil spring down to size which is a little weaker, but kept the heavier hammer spring in for that punch. Bit disappointing as I love the look and profile. But for whatever reason it’s just low on power, and the stock springs set up is preventing it cycling decently. Standard recoil and hammer spring means the slide gets stopped by the hammer at the sear engagement point, unless a weaker recoil spring is used, or a weaker hammer spring is used. Take the mag out of the 19X and put it in my 17, instant performance boost comparing the 2.
  8. Got Wood?

    Impact Grenade Pouches?

    So far I can only see the 40mm pouches being a good proper fit. If they’re not too slim.
  9. Got Wood?

    Impact Grenade Pouches?

    Hi guys, What pouches are people using to store their taller slimmer Impact Grenades? I’ve been using a warrior smoke pouch for the timed BFG, but with a new impact it’s slimmer so not entirely secure in the pouch, and I’d like to find something a little snugger with a lid still, just in case. The 40mm ones have caught my eye but only seem to be doubles! Cheers
  10. Got Wood?

    Tippman A5

    Can’t even tell what’s really going on in that abomination of s screen shot you sent before
  11. Got Wood?

    Tippman A5

    “Sounds like 9mm” Hahahaha.
  12. Got Wood?

    WE G39 Pmags?

    Haha yes it will probably end up with new pouches. Just don’t want to then have M4 mags falling out all the tile for a gun I’ll run a 3rd of the year. Also, bought a WE mag shell to replace the army mag I’ve buggered. Has a thinner internal diameter thanks to 4 protruding surfaces inside, so some filing is required. What a pain in the backside.
  13. Got Wood?

    Grip Ideas

    Can you do a before and after pic? Not really sure what’s different in these photos...?
  14. Got Wood?

    WE G39 Pmags?

    So I thought I’d saw and file off the lip on the mag as well as the tabs on the side. HK make a mag in this slimmer profile but they are $55 per mag. Don’t blame people for buying the conversion kits for standard mags. Sadly whilst it will now fit upside down in an M4 pouch, it isn’t quite secure in the magwell. You can push the mag back and forth (side to side is secure) and cause bolt stoppages. Looks like I’ll have to settle for storing them baseplate off, upright, in pouches.
  15. Got Wood?

    WE G39 Pmags?

    Exactly. And mines the army clone of the WE. £150 for the gun and 2 mags!

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