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August Bank Holiday. Recommend me a weekender.

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Hello all.


Been a while since i've posted anything.


I will give you some back ground first, we have been going to the GZ weekender since the beginning, by that I mean the beginning. We have watched it grow and grow and grow and now it's less about the airsofting and more about money. Nothing new happens and it brings the worst kind of airsofters to it. Cheating, rinsing etc. It's gone down the pan as far as we are concerned. Don't get me wrong the night life has always been enjoyable, but thats not down to them, thats down to our team getting hammered and what not. We might go back one year but for now we need something new.


So where do you guys recommend? We were hoping to do the RedWolf Weekender but nothing has been said on that front so it looks like it might of been a one off. So where else??

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