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  1. I have a TM Next-Gen. M4A1 SOCOM (front-wired one), & I'd be very interested to read about your full-length M16 conversion!
  2. More Cold War goodness. Full credit for this photo goes to Wyvern Photography.
  3. Awesome, thank you both!
  4. Nice build, Bostitch! Is that a real 'steel' Insight M3, & if so; where on Earth did you find one?
  5. I've done something similar with my TM M4A1 SOCOM, but I used the G&P handguard & stock; which are a drop-in fit: Please forgive the crappy phone photo, this was taken in haste a while ago as proof-of-concept for a friend of mine. Since then I've added a Guarder stock-pad, & I occasionally swap out the carry-handle on favour of an Aimpoint Comp M2 (with a QRP-style mount) & KAC BUIS combination. PS: The barrel mount is for a Surefire 6P repro, but I only tend to use it in CQB or night games...
  6. As I said above, I own one of these & I can confirm that it's based off their M9A1 (which I've also owned); so it uses it's revamped features like the adjustable hop-up & functioning de-cocker! I also owned one of TM's older Berettas (their Samurai Edge Standard Mod); while I'll agree that those were lovely pistols, these new models are a far cry from the originals. Great pistol
  7. Yeah, TM released this non-railed version called the US M9 Military about 18 months ago: http://www.tokyo-marui.co.jp/products/gas/blowback/408 I have one, too - it's probably my favourite in my pistol collection!
  8. Great looking piece, Rainer198! I particularly like what you've done with those magazines. How did you achieve that look? I'd like to do the same to my TM AK74 magazines...
  9. Hey guys, Can anyone advise me which makes & models of aftermarket ambidextrous bolt release catches fit the TM's Recoil Shock M4 AEGs? I've been looking at Brownells' ar15 ambidextrous bolt release (like the one below), but I'd like to know the experiences others have had fitting this sort of accessory before I commit to my purchase... With thanks, Josh
  10. Each cell can hold 3 magazines, each pouch has 2 cells, & the webbing comes with 2 pouches; making a grand total of 12! I've been debating getting a set myself; however, I only run 6 mags for my TM AKS74N (recoil shock) & to double that amount will cost a lot more money than I'm willing to commit right now... I guess I'll just have to make do with my lifchik & RD-54 combo!
  11. It's a shame those Berettas only came in packs of one!
  12. This is as close as you're going to get to a replica of your Trijicon: https://www.uncompany.com/pageproductdetails.asp?prodid=34864
  13. I'm looking to acquire the 6'' model for myself; however, I'm wondering how to holster the damn thing. At the moment I'm running a US military M3 holster for my Marui Series '70, & I'd like something similar for the Smith & Wesson. Any ideas?
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