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Help me find these boots!

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In this picture, I think the guy in the foreground with the rifle has cool boots. I would love some help finding out what kind they are.

Here is what I know. The yellow logo makes me think vibram.

First saw the picture in this NatGeo article.


Here is the same article, possibly shown by the author/photographer, becuase the OP gives more info on the picture.

"Congolese soldiers undergo training by Mathieu Eckel of African Parks, an NGO that manages Garamba National Park with the DRC’s parks authority. These soldiers are tasked with helping rangers fight poachers and armed groups like the LRA"



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If you're talking about the kneeling guy in DPM with the AK he's wearing some form of jungle boots.


All the black has been scuffed off and they're dusty and they've most likely been resoled with the Vibram ones you can see.

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