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  1. heroshark

    WE Colt Junior

    It certainly seems a pretty solid build. I will say this, it suffers the cold. As expected of a WE really. left it out the holster on the ground ready to grab and puffed out on the first shot. Was a miserable cold rainy day. Although ok to cycle quite reliably when it was kept in the little shoulder holster against my body and emptied the mag. Inside it emptied the 7rnd mag 3 times over on one fill which ain't bad.
  2. heroshark

    WE Colt Junior

    Crown looks ok tbf. After my experiment I though sod it and took a dremmel and hand file to the inner barrel. Plan was to widen the window and create and area to fit a chopped up conventional vsr/gbbp hop using the hump in the window and ptfe in place. It was way too much. Jammed took a bite out the hump via bb against the edge of the window I cut and then worked about as well as th "V" cut original hop. So tried just a flat piece of the chopped up hop. At 10m using 0.3g again brought the groupings in tighter to about 7" and 20m ok ish for a body shot. Still pretty wild obviously its a really short barrel so you can't expect much but I think it's a lot to do with the outer barrel especially when blowing back as there is a fair amount of play.
  3. heroshark

    WE Colt Junior

    Update on the hop. Something I tried before now worked. Pushing the barrel out via the muzzle end with a plastic rod of a slightly larger diameter of barrel bore. I think the previous rod I tried was a fraction big and caught the false rifling. The barrel is friction fit with an o-ring. Make sure the hop screw is out, or out enough not to catch. Not that it should be anyway as you'd have it over tensioned. So I whipped out the hop rubber and cut a "V" groove laterally down the center to make it a 2 point contact hop. It's still not accurate bit its not wildly inaccurate now. Around a 12"grouping at 10m set to 0.3g. 20m tends waver under & over hop but it did that before. At least its fairly central left to right now.
  4. heroshark

    WE Colt Junior

    ignore previous, I'm getting befuddled. It's meant to do that
  5. heroshark

    WE Colt Junior

    Sorry misunderstood it's meant to stop firing after the last round.
  6. heroshark

    WE Colt Junior

    yes sometimes ,or just a weak shot with no blow back. Now and again a weak cycle mid mag. How you finding the hop/accuracy? I'd love to get it out as I think I could improve it but can't see a way in.
  7. heroshark

    WE Colt Junior

    Mine didn't to start. I think either some thing needs wearing in or over greased and stopping something from fully falling into place.
  8. heroshark

    WE Colt Junior

    Ok so I have it. And it's very pretty. Seems a solid build although I haven't been in the trigger mechanism yet. Hop is pretty bad. It's just a tiny round contact point. Is adjustable but tends to make it more wildly inaccurate if you tighten it. Also easy to over do and pop it into the barrel which was a bit of a fiddle to pop back in place. I found it best on .3 to rein it in with the hop off and it's ok ish for 10m. It reaches out to 30m but you'd be lucky to hit.
  9. Results in . Hitman and zereck were right on the money.
  10. The hk45 possibly a tactical but with a black lower, that's one they like to pull.
  11. heroshark

    WE Colt Junior

    Yoink....Tar RC. Glad stumbled across this thread again.
  12. Looking for specifically A1 model slide stop ,grip safety , (metal) mainspring housing, trigger and safety. Doesn't matter if they are battered or non functioning. I have some of these but not the A1 variant parts if you want to swap also loads of other airsoft gbb m9 & Glock parts to trade. Cheers
  13. heroshark

    Cybergun/KWC Desert Eagle L6 GBB pistol

    skypro have notoriously bad service though .
  14. heroshark

    Schnitzel with noodles - what made you smile today?

    Is that because you struggle with real people?
  15. heroshark

    Browning Hi-Power / UZI

    There was the old JAC uzi but will also be hard to find

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