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ARES S1 poor qualitycheck?

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Got the ARES s1 sniper from Redwolf this week, package arrived without any damage and such, but when i picked it up from the box, i see that the outer barrel is bent upwards like a banana.

Took pictures and send them to both Redwolf and Ares. Their response is like; "ok we see that it is bent but you must send the old one back to us first"


like, WTF, why? 


after 3-4 days of emailing,where i ofcoure question that, they are now, giving me silent treatment, or just repeating themself,  "must send outer barrel first"....


I have been to Hong Kong a couple of times this year and i know how some of the airsoft stores and their consumer policy is not so "friendly", how the *fruitcage* is it that they cant take responsability and just send me a new outerbarrel...


Anyone got the same problem with bent outerbarrel???



from sweden, spelling will suck

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