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  1. 1st Commando

    WE G series MOS full house

    The Raven glocks don't have RMR cut . It's just a mounting plate on their usual crappy Glock
  2. 1st Commando

    Alpha-Tec Closed?

    sensible ! Hopefully sites actually try them rather than banning just because they can
  3. 1st Commando

    Alpha-Tec Closed?

    The release date is going to be delayed a couple of weeks for the AG40 . This is to allow time for a legal consultation to ensure everything is good to go before they get into the hands of the public . Some of you may have seen them on demo at Extreme airsoft on Saturday with J-tac . I was also demonstrating them at a training centre down south on Saturday but I don't think anyone here would have been there
  4. 1st Commando

    Alpha-Tec Closed?

    Just because they are not released yet I think . I'm not sure how much J-Tac Custom charges for the reloads to be honest
  5. 1st Commando

    Alpha-Tec Closed?

    you are correct . Think of the AG40 this way . It's basically a GR20 that uses easily available .209 primers to initiate the charge rather than the diminishing supplies of Gr20 primers . Charges are plentiful but primers are not . Those saying about spoons probably play in games where these are not best suited as these are more a replacement for Gr20 style grenades which use the same spoons rather than a replacement for BFGs. However there will be a spoon retention kit available like there are for GR20s and the like
  6. 1st Commando

    Alpha-Tec Closed?

    I've tested these and they will be an awesome replacement for Gr20s etc but I would say less so for regular BFG users . I personally would rather not have your average sunday skirmisher throwing them around
  7. 1st Commando

    WE G3

    They certainly shoot better and better as you start putting rounds through them . The hop is very good indeed after a few hundred rounds
  8. 1st Commando

    WE G3

    We can always meet halfway at Strikeforce one Saturday when no event is on
  9. 1st Commando

    WE G3

    well if badabing wants to meet up to compare the WE to the VFC he knows he is welcome to
  10. 1st Commando

    WE G3

    It's about $60 cheaper than I expected
  11. 1st Commando

    Alpha-Tec Closed?

    The HEX grenade was manufactured by Keith for AlphaTec but Alpha Tec was not his business . However the guy from AT vanished and Keith kept manufacturing to fulfil trade orders for a while but then stopped . Keith was also the Airsoft Engraver
  12. 1st Commando

    LCT Conversion Kits, Where Did They Go?

    AK kits were all for Tm back then . CA hadn't started doing AKs and ICS were much later to do them . What killed the kits properly was when Chinasoft started and people like Dboys and later Cyma started selling steel AKs for 25% of the cost of a kit without even factoring the base gun cost
  13. 1st Commando

    LCT Conversion Kits, Where Did They Go?

    the kits were replaced by complete aegs once they started making internals . The kits were originally made for other companies to sell
  14. 1st Commando

    Alpha-Tec Closed?

    TRMR or dynatex would be better than either of those
  15. 1st Commando

    Alpha-Tec Closed?

    Yeah they are gone

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