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  1. There will be more news at IWA . Shot Show is actually **** for airsoft releases aside from US rebrands usually
  2. My Bad , I thought that had already been mentioned . It's as close as we have ever seen to the real Glock material . At least on the prototype anyway
  3. The frame has been overmolded with the steel inserts in the mold . It's the correct dimensions and build style to the real Gen 3
  4. The Raven glocks don't have RMR cut . It's just a mounting plate on their usual crappy Glock
  5. The stock is real H&K and yes it fits well (AEG stock is unlikely to fit) . I couldn't guess at the number of mags but quite a few
  6. I used one from a VFC M4 but they are easy enough to make and super easy to open the nozzle to fit . Only one pin to remove the front of the nozzle
  7. An update on use after a couple more events . a month ago I used it in minus 3C and incredibly it emptied every mag , every time which was a shock having had earlier VFC rifles and it also having such a large bolt . Especially on only green gas and not red or black I used it again this weekend and this time it was a little warmer . I had also fitted the adjustable valve so I was using it as a battle rifle with slim fore-end and iron sights instead of as a dmr . Range was still amazing with airsoft surgeon 0.3g BBs with no loss of range with the drop in power created by the adju
  8. https://imgur.com/a/8MLdgX1 link to some images
  9. I'm trying to upload but it's giving me trouble
  10. it's probably the production run made for Cybergun but then unsellable after Sig pulled the plug away . It wouldn't surprise me if they have markings but have photoshopped them out
  11. QRF posted on their facebook page that they have the WE "F18" now under the brand "AEG"
  12. I'll be honest it was handling the cold even better than my good old reliable GHK last sunday . The G3 has a very long stroke and a large bolt carrier so it was still surprising that it handled it so well. Better than any of my other 7.62mm based GBB rifles I'll try and upload some later , I keep forgetting
  13. Very well , shockingly decent in the cold too (using semi only) . Last time out people were struggling to get through half a pistol mag as it was just over zero degrees but the G3 emptied all four of it's mags every time it was called to . I did not expect that at all
  14. It was so hard to not share the pictures last week haha
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