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  1. The stock is real H&K and yes it fits well (AEG stock is unlikely to fit) . I couldn't guess at the number of mags but quite a few
  2. I used one from a VFC M4 but they are easy enough to make and super easy to open the nozzle to fit . Only one pin to remove the front of the nozzle
  3. An update on use after a couple more events . a month ago I used it in minus 3C and incredibly it emptied every mag , every time which was a shock having had earlier VFC rifles and it also having such a large bolt . Especially on only green gas and not red or black I used it again this weekend and this time it was a little warmer . I had also fitted the adjustable valve so I was using it as a battle rifle with slim fore-end and iron sights instead of as a dmr . Range was still amazing with airsoft surgeon 0.3g BBs with no loss of range with the drop in power created by the adju
  4. https://imgur.com/a/8MLdgX1 link to some images
  5. I'm trying to upload but it's giving me trouble
  6. I'll be honest it was handling the cold even better than my good old reliable GHK last sunday . The G3 has a very long stroke and a large bolt carrier so it was still surprising that it handled it so well. Better than any of my other 7.62mm based GBB rifles I'll try and upload some later , I keep forgetting
  7. Very well , shockingly decent in the cold too (using semi only) . Last time out people were struggling to get through half a pistol mag as it was just over zero degrees but the G3 emptied all four of it's mags every time it was called to . I did not expect that at all
  8. I still pop in but there are very few new threads these days to comment on
  9. Sadly mine would appear to not have it although German market versions did. German versions also have white markings visible externally though
  10. To be fair on the occasions I use an MP5 my go to is one of my VFC ones despite having a couple of the WE ones as well . This is mainly down to how it feels but also because despite the MP5 having it's flaws I've found it performed really well with the right combination of £23 worth of upgrades . However the gas effiency on those is still poor but I don't reload in the field anyway
  11. The Umarex G3 Gas Blowback Rifle by VFC Firstly it's been a while since I wrote a review , years in fact . This rifle has been one i've been looking forward to for many years so a bit of that enthusiasm is most certainly going to find it's way in . However I am not one of those young guys from Youtube who gets their first rifle and thinks it's the best thing ever. I've got an extensive collection and have been in airsoft since 1990 . This rifle was not supplied for review , I paid for it myself as soon as pre order was available . Upon the rifle arriving you will see it packaged in
  12. I wouldn't bother with the steel slide kit if I'm honest. I was going to but vfc have got the finish spot on compared to the real one and it kicks hard while having good efficiency
  13. I honestly think this was the best pistol of 2016 . I will write up a bit here tomorrow
  14. It sounds like you may be over filling the magazine with gas
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