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A&K M1892 Winchester first impressions

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Hello all.

This is not a new gun, but it's one I have benn looking for for a long time, and it's finally here (Santa came early this year) :)

So, here are my first impressions of my brand spanking new Winchester lever action.


This airsoft gun has a long and weird history behind it.

It's been available as "San Jia", then "SY", and "Bravo" in the US, now as A&K.

Mine came in a A&K branded box, with same brand bag of 0.20g BBs.

Some pics:




more box



It's a basic cardboard box with styrofoam inside cut to the shape of the carbine.





A&K brand BBs:



And, despite what I read in a lot of online reviews and topics, this gun comes shooting a very tame 330ish fps with 0.20g BBs and green gas.

Now, it's winter and inside the shop we had about 14ºC. But there's also this litlle sticker on the gun:


Max power 0.72J. Not really :)


My version is the metal and wood and I can say none of the metal surfaces are magnetic. So either aluminium or alloy.

The wood stock and foreend are pretty nice but a very light color. Nothing a little sandpaper and refinishing can't solve :)

I wasn't able to test it for accuracy or range yet, but it looks like it will be quite a fun plinker.

As soon as I can get some targets up I'll do some grouping tests an update here.

It won't be a very skirmishable gun, as it carries only 24 BBs and the loading is pretty fiddly. For me it's a plinker and a collectors' piece.


Some more pics:

Right side:






and the shiny brass buttplate:



Merry Christmas to all :)

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There is a flow restrictor which you can knock out during disassembly. Gets it up to 560fps. After that it's very skirmish able. I used mine against a hoard of AEG users, the insane fps gave a distinct psychological advantage particularly if people are hit. They know you have the disadvantage of limited rounds and a lever actions difficulty to reload on prone so they are more than willing to Zerg rush you until they get hit, then the screams of agony quickly convinces them to reevaluate their decision to go against you in the first place.


But if you so go down that route for modifications there are a few things to remember. Once you take it apart it will leak and will leak more Everytime you disassemble. Limited solution is silicone gasket putty. The other thing is that these guns have hop rubbers which aren't compatible with factory lubricants. They will break over time as mine fell apart on the first day. Any attempt to use a swab to clean it will result in the breech seal popping out which will require disassembly to reinstall. It's a dire situation whichever way you go.

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