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  1. The Enfield is a great thing to see (one of my fav rifles) and the GBB SKS also. Kudos to Viva Arms. :)
  2. Lots of P7 fans here, but I'd vote for a full size Bren Ten anytime. In stainless finish, please. Time for another "let's bug WE into making..." thread?
  3. tquilha

    WE/Armorer Works Drum Mag

    Definitely M1928 Tommy. And WE really needs to stop teasing us with the Pulse Rifle...
  4. tquilha

    WE AK74?

    I couldn't find any topics on this, so I think it's news. Looks like WE has finally made an AK74, at least it's on their Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/weairsoft/?ref=page_internal I really hope it's got better internals than the PMC.
  5. So, 2018 IWA looks full of airsoft goodness. I think that SMLE will find it's way into my collection pretty soon.
  6. The HK 416 sights I was talking about are the fixed type (drum rear and post front). I think in your project they would really look the part. Even better, you don't have to do anything before using them.
  7. This looks like a beautiful project. For a hand stop / fore grip I like the AFG style grips. And for iron sights, why not a set of folding BUIS (lots of options out there) or a set of HK 416 sights.
  8. tquilha

    AI Mike40

    From seeing the videos, this looks like a very silly invention. Also these videos pretty much made this an instant ban at every well-run site I know of. I guess it'll be a great hit (pardon the pun) with the HPA and ultra high ROF gang...
  9. tquilha

    Arcturus Centaur B AEG, another AK not

    I'm with Zereck in this. Take this shell, and put GBB internals in there... Tasty.
  10. tquilha

    Cybergun/KWC Desert Eagle L6 GBB pistol

    Too many rails for me, but I like the vents.
  11. tquilha

    The Computer Question Thread

    I'm also doing a new upgrade to Ryzen, AFAIK the sweet spot right now is ryzen 7 1700 (not the X version). As for RAM, Gskill Trident Z kits have some very good reviews so far. As far as M2 SSDs just go for it. The difference in boot time is totally worth it.
  12. tquilha

    Tom Chance the division loadout

    Does anyone know if a PMR radio (or a Baofeng) will fit inside that com-unit shell? Functional prop is better than just clutter, methinks... P.S. Looks like Arnie's got a bit of a spam infestation...
  13. tquilha

    Mafioso Airsoft Cybergun/WE M1A1 steel kit

    It's nice to have a steel body kit, but how about a conversion kit for the M1928?
  14. tquilha

    Classing Army DT-4 (Or Double M4)

    Yes, please.
  15. tquilha


    So, any news on this one or WE's?

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