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Bike Commuters unite!


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Quite the title to raise the neck hair of the common motorist, eh? ;)

Joking aside, I'd like to start this topic because I know we have several bike commuters and as far as I know, no topic open on it yet.

After an good 10 years of 14km single way commuting on bike, and a few years going only trough the city, I shall have to gear up again for a 10km+ commute because I'm very close to definitely moving into my 'new' home. After friggin 4 years. I have some nice bright red and blazing orange Arc'teryx micro fleece and rain gear, as wel a sa merinho woolen thermal underwear which works wonder in temps from 5 - 15 °C. My Knogg ' to be seen' lights are worn out though. Thats the thing with rechargeable blinkers: when the battery's gone you can throw away the whole unit.

Any recommendations ? My weather conditions here are very similar to UK weather. I like the idea of having 'to be seen lights' which are visible from the side as well. I have SO many T-junctions...


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3 hours ago, amateurstuntman said:

Anything made by Busch and Muller is a good light.

If you can afford it I recommend the dynamo front wheel build and dynamo light.  Can't be beaten.

Might be an idea, it's a bit of work to redo the complete wheel though. I'll keep it in mind. Researching B&M.

2 hours ago, hitmanNo2 said:

Perhaps get a non cyclist friend to help you install the lights so you get them the right way around.  I know some cyclists have issues identifying red lights :P

Oh thats alright, motorist hit me no matter what I do. I've been listening to motorists on what to do with the colors of the traffic lights!
Orange was maximum speed and red you slam the brakes, right? Though I only like that sequence when it's followed by blue lights behind them.

I pride myself on following the traffic laws closely, friend ;) 

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