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  1. Sounds good but I'd need to see pictures. You should put them in the... Wait.
  2. Hey guys. Seems like a good place to ask. Is the Leatherman Raptor fully, no quibbles, no confiscations, UK carry legal? It is basically scissors. It has a belt cutter and a glass breaker but that's it. I'm thinking it is something I can carry all the time and just have the Spyderco Atlantic Salt at work.
  3. Wouldn't you use median image merge to do that? Remove people I mean?
  4. A single knife wound is more likely to be fatal than a single gunshot would. It is also silent. It is also potentially more intimidating. With a gun your options are "shoot or don't shoot". With a knife your options start with "hold it to the throat" and progress via "name carving" and "partial flaying" through "toe cutting" into "disembowelment" and then "brain stem stab". Gives you more options. That's why people (who write the laws) are frightened of them. However, it is silly, you can make a knife by sharpening anything hard.
  5. It seems that in terms of puns you are a bit of an elusive menace. Almost ghostly. I can't think of the right word.
  6. Easy to tune my sweaty *albartroth*. I have been all over this thing today, I have had to trim some material off the lips of the hop rubber and remove material from the inside of the hop unit. It now works outside the gun, science knows what will happen when I stick it back in there.
  7. Gun is all back together with an R-hop fitted, got enough rounds through it to confirm that with a 363mm Orga 6.23mm barrel, red nozzle and Amped purple poppet I am getting 277fps with a .28g tracer at 110psi. That is exactly 1 joule, ideal. However, it will now not load at any dn setting. At all. I am angry and confused and I am giving up, I will get back on it another day.
  8. I did a little video on what I did to the trigger. https://youtu.be/QD_luvhKKDY
  9. I have here a picture of my botched job of fitting the S2 banjo: It fits fine though, it's just ugly. Also, if you are having trouble finding the appropriate Imperial allen keys to work on your Polarstar gearbox then you might like this top tip: Just use Torx drivers, they are tapered so you can push them in further to get them to bite. Awesome.
  10. Amazon Prime trial. Delivery on Sunday! I will not have my plans messed with Dremel, from hell's heart I stab at thee.
  11. Yeah, I can find one online easily. I just wanted it today. The UAR should arrive before Wednesday.
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