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  1. Ate a big pile of chocolate. Built a Lego Articulated Dump Truck Now playing DnD with my amigos. Lots of things to be happy about.
  2. 1, I am not a doctor. 2, This tastes bad. 3, It hurts when you do it. That said, if there is a hole in your tooth, chew an asprin into the hole. It forms a decent cap on the hole, hurts really badly for a bit then provides relief. Remember: 100% Asprin *nothing else* - Ginge is not a doctor.
  3. That's less than 1 percent. A tiny tickle on the hop will get you back under that. If it happens again.
  4. How close to being "in" normal range is your 105? I don't know the rules there. Usually we have a bit of a 5% margin for players we know who can be trusted not to be a bell end. The other thing to consider is that if it is only just over is that you can wind the hop on a bit, it'll slow the bbs down and overhop them. It's worth a go if it's only a handful of fps.
  5. Well, my stuff is on its way back to Belgium because DPD told me to pay the VAT after they sent it back for non payment of the VAT.
  6. Dpd. Today (the 16th) I got an email (my first from them) telling me that if I didn't pay the charges on my parcel by the 15th (yesterday) they were going to return it. Bit cheeky. Big VAT bill too, 280 quid Lego model from Belgium, 4% duty on the value of the item then 20% VAT on the value of the item, packaging, postage and duty (that's paying tax on tax, government - *albatrosses*) comes to 70 quid. Not going to matter if they just send it back the day before asking me to pay though.
  7. Standard. I ordered a load of Lego bits so I have spend the last two hours counting parts to confirm everything came. Counted 1500 so far. Three times that in the post. Oof.
  8. Sweet. I taught my wife to save an email attachment to Google Drive. Great success.
  9. That's positive at least. You could stain them whatever colour you like. The grain won't be right but they'll look great.
  10. Could you get someone to 3d print you a set? Paint them yourself, I know you have the skills to do that...
  11. Right. Enough moping around. This is the happy thread. Gunmane, focus on a small, significant goal that you can achieve. Something simple. You are watching streamers right? Nothing wrong with that. What kind of games do you like? I really like watching DarkViperAU, he is a GTAV streamer, right now he is trying to play through the whole single player campaign without being damaged in any way. At the moment his PB is 1 death. He's intelligent, articulate and entertaining. He uploads his VODs to Youtube and the editing is good and pretty funny. This is his 6:27 speedr
  12. It's a feeling I am familiar with. Many of my friends were smack enthusiasts at university and that has a pretty high mortality rate. A few car accidents, household accidents, enemy activity etc. It's hard not to feel strange when confronted by our own mortality. Maybe you'll die tomorrow, maybe you have 60 years left in you. Don't hold back.
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