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WE/Cybergun M1A1 Thompson Submachine Gun

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Thats the thing, the experience feels like a video game if the realistic weight isn't there.  


I am not advocating guns which are heavier than real steel, but at least close to the real steel, so part of the experience is figuring out its trade-offs and quirks.


I might go steel barrel and wood kit, after buckets of 20 round mags, for the jungle warfare feel.  

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Just a small update. For a time my Thompson has been disconnecting in full auto unless I push forward on the handguard. Nothing seemed out of order and I surmised that sheer inertia was tripping the disconnect after its spring had worn down some. Pushing forward merely cushioned the blow of the bolt. I couldn't replace the spring outright with a stiffer one as it's in a balance between being stiff enough to hold the disconnect and soft enough to be tripped by the bb follower. To cut things short, I just had to stretch the spring (part no. 66) out by 10° and retempered giving it just a little more pre tension. 

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