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Has anyone heard of KLI Airsoft (Taiwan)? Re: STi 2011-John Wick 3 pistol

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Airsoft GI is offering a Pre-Order of the Taran Tactical Combat Master 2011 used in John Wick 3 made by KLI  of Taiwan. The pictures available look pretty good. There are no trades but the barrel is marked with the correct 9X19 chambering. Pistol is Green Gas and C02 ready and if pre-ordered (available in August), will come with a 2nd magazine.

It looks to be a direct copy of the version which EMG (Evike Airsoft) is offering as a pre-order for "significantly more", especially if ordered with a 2nd magazine. Their verson, however, may be comming with full proper trades.

I've never heard of KLI and cant find any info about them. Thinking of pulling the trigger on the purchase but would like to know more about them. Generally, I'm not a big fan of Pre-Orders.

Thanks for the help.

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Never heard of them.  Looks like the trades have been Sharpied out in those photos.  Personally, I wouldn't buy something like that without proper trades.

If it's pretty much TM compatible and CO2, I'd imagine KJW have something to do with it.

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It's SRC (I have one from Airsoft World)

There appears to be 3 versions of the JW3 2011 knocking around:

Jag Precision (Army Armament) - Stampings/trades, red fibre optic front sight

EMG (WE/Armorer Works) - Stampings/trade, green fibre optic front sight

KLI/SRC - No markings whatsoever, e.g. barrel is not stamped 9x19, no markings on slide. Comes in a case...seems most places are offering it with a CO2 mag pre order bonus. Front and rear sights come with green fibre inserts. Technically has the wrong mag release on it.

In terms of compatibility, I believe TM hi capas retain the BBU via a screw through the rear sight and a grub screw where the firing pin would be on a real gun. I can see that with the SRC that there is actually a fake 'functional' firing pin (it's a spring loaded pin that doesn't do anything). So right off the bat there look to be 'back end' issues with the SRC in terms of upgrade potential. Hop unit looks normal so aftermarket rubbers should be OK.

If you don't care for trades or upgrades then the KLI/SRC might be worth it if you just want a funky looking HiCapa, but I'd rather have the Jag Precision/AA version.

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