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Hi guys,

i'd wonder if i could get some help from some one, it's not really a noob question persay but thought it could also help those that like me are not so well informed.

Basically i have been gaming for almost a year with the free safety glasses you get with AEG's and such, and have never deen hit in the eye while wearing them and i've never paid them much head until my friend asked if they could actually stand up to a shot, and being away from my house im unable to check them for a while. So does any one know if the glasses you get free can stand up to a BB?

Any help you can give me would be appreciated.


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They are often the cheapest thing the manufacturer could outsource. Not always, but often. They are probably intended to be worn when plinking to protect from ricochets rather than direct shots. 

I would always recommend a full seal goggles rather than 'shooting glasses' as I have seen too many times a shot will come in from an angle (like when you raise your head to shout "hit") and hit around the eye/eyelid/the eye directly.

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Get something actually ballistically rated. Many airsofters look for eye protection that conforms to the ANSI Z87.1 standard which will be rated against both high mass and high velocity impacts. It isn't the only standard that assures protection but it is reasonably easy to find eye protection that conforms to it. Don't trust cheap shooting glasses or goggles, and don't trust mesh, period. BBs can fragment and I'd personally not want my eyes to be sprayed with high velocity BB debris far faster than I can blink. Along with what Shmook says, you have to consider that your eye protection needs to be rated against the worst case scenario, so either someone using a replica firing harder than site limits allow; much as most sites are pretty good at checking this these days you can't trust that A. the site is being completely stringent and that B. some idiot won't deliberately sneak something onto the field, or C. someone won't have a CO pistol that wasn't noticed and they didn't think about checking. The other possibility is your garden variety accident, especially with things like sniper replicas that can put out a lot more power than your standard AEG, if a sniper is hiding in a bush, and you're hiding 5-10 meters in front of the sniper and you stand up as they fire, there's a chance you're gonna catch a BB with your face going much faster than either you or the sniper bargained for. 

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