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Cut off lever not interacting with trigger contacts

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Hi Guys, hoping someone can assist with a strange problem I'm having!


Working on a DMR with a cut off selector late to keep it in semi. But the cut off lever is not lifting the trigger contact, so stays in full auto.


I have tried the following already:


Different triggers x 3

Different switch block

different selector plate

different gearset


I have videoed it cycling. You can see the sector gear is hitting the cut off lever, but then seems to skip past it, and I cannot for the life of me fgure out whats wrong.


None of the parts show any signs of damage.



Thanks in advance!

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Thanks. I have a JG one that doesn’t quite fit in the shell (too small a hole for it to pivot on) but it looks to be the same sizes and this one has no obvious wear. I did buy another one but I seem to have misplaced it in the shed!

Any obvious points I should look at to see it’s worn? Looks spotless to me?

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