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  1. You need a new cut off lever, it's worn out.
  2. DarkLite

    Steel CAW HK69

    I have to say, when I saw the first image in the post it physically hurt. But the replacement looks amazing! How much did it end up costing you, if you don't mind me asking?
  3. DarkLite

    Classic army g3

    I own a fair few (as in, 5+) CA G3s, from various years - the oldest is built on a TM G3 with a circa 2006 CA body and cocking tube kit, the newest is a 2018 model which came with the 9mm QSC gearbox and inline mosfet. They're ok, but they are aluminium alloy and the upper receiver is still a clamshell design with a seperate cocking tube. I run my stuff pretty hard and I've not broken one yet, but if I was going to get another one new, I'd be looking at saving up for an LCT instead. The only real buggeration is that LCT don't do many different models and they've had some issues with magazine fitment and feeding, even with their own magazines.
  4. DarkLite

    GHK x Umarex Glock 17

    Still a lot more than I'd want to spend on a sidearm, but compared to your usual WE/TM base pistol and a steel slide/barrel/fcg set, this is deffo a major contender if they can stick to the ~$300USD region.
  5. DarkLite

    Northeast Mini and full sized Uzi GBB

    Let's hope they make Co2 mags for these, that big ol' telescoping bolt will have a lot of mass to shift.
  6. DarkLite

    Tokyo Marui at 59th All Japan Hobby Show 2019

    Wait, the MK46 is a full stock, but the battery is a stick AK type hidden in the gas tube? What?
  7. DarkLite

    DAS AK Series by GBLS in 2020

    I was terribly unimpressed by the M4 models, ludicrous price point aside. - Terribad hop up unit choice (WA GBB M4), patched over with another terribad 'upgrade' (5KU clone of the Prime replacement unit that uses AEG spec rubbers and barrels) - Incredibly small cylinder volume necessitation stupid heavy spring to get reasonable FPS output - uses a GATE Pico mosfet to drive the system, which is right on the edge of being unable to deal with the current draw from the incredibly inefficient system - uses a Star Wei 30k motor with an extended armature which is a good motor, but they should have gone with a torque-ier model like the 22K - Magazines cost £1 per bb they hold - AEG requires a second mortage to buy - Mini deans connectors on a system that draws 40A avg in full auto, what the actual *fruitcage* Doubt there's much hope of improvement here.
  8. DarkLite

    AR AEG Scratch Build

    Disclaimer: I run a tech shop, DLCustoms Ltd, so obviously this is a bit of a plug. In terms of build, internally, the biggest consideration is the length of the barrel - If you're going for about a 10-11" barrel or shorter, then a DSG would be the best shout, if longer, then I'd say go for a short stroke SSG build. In terms of externals, G&P or VFC would be where it's at, and as it's a G&P receiver set you'll likely run into less problems in terms of compatibility. G&P gearbox shells are pretty bombproof when radiused and set up properly and will be the most likely to fit into the receiver, hop up unit wise, if you're wanting to splash the cash, MAXX Pro hop up units are the best on the market and can be set up with a built in tracer unit if that's something you want. An R-hopped Lambda 6.05mm barrel would give you the best range and accuracy. Mosfet wise, GATE TITANs are the big name - as mentioned by Wingmann the PERUN optical is a good choice too, cheaper and very reliable - less options but a little harder to program. If you want to retain the feel of a tactile switch on the trigger pull, a BTC Spectre is really your only option. If limited to buffer tube lipos, my usual DSG set up will happily do 50rps, but that can be adjusted from between 30-60rps as you prefer. SSG wise for longer barrels, my usual go to build will do 33-35rps. If that sounds like too much, remember that trigger response is locked to RoF - at 20rps your cycle time is 50ms, at 40rps it's 25ms. You can 'cheat' it by using a mosfet and precocking, but that gearbox has to complete a full cycle before you can fire a second shot. Feel free to peruse my site for builds and plans etc: https://dlcustoms.eu/ I've got a lot more customer builds etc on my Facebook page too: https://www.facebook.com/DLCustoms/
  9. DarkLite

    H&K Picture Thread

    BF3, actually, it was a DLC weapon. I loved running it with the Kobra in CQB, that 2 body shot kill at close range was very handy.
  10. DarkLite

    H&K Picture Thread

    Finally managed to find a VFC 9" HK417 rail for sale that wasn't silly expensive.
  11. DarkLite

    MK16 URGI Rails

    Can't speak for the HAO version, but the C&C is amazing. The AG unfortunately has off-spec M-lok slots. IIRC 5KU or Big Dragon will be making one too, but it's likely going to be cast and CNC finished for a much lower price point.
  12. Very nice work! At first I was a bit confused by you using large, flat 3-d printed plates bolted to trunnions... And then I realised you were going to replace those with laser/water cut CF panels and I twigged.
  13. DarkLite

    Chiappa Firearms Rhino

    Deffo a WGC OEM. If it's not too expensive I might pick one up, but I very much doubt it has a hop up.
  14. DarkLite

    LCT AK12

    No 2rnd burst. No thanks.
  15. DarkLite

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    Does this count?

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