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  1. Still a lot more than I'd want to spend on a sidearm, but compared to your usual WE/TM base pistol and a steel slide/barrel/fcg set, this is deffo a major contender if they can stick to the ~$300USD region.
  2. BF3, actually, it was a DLC weapon. I loved running it with the Kobra in CQB, that 2 body shot kill at close range was very handy.
  3. Finally managed to find a VFC 9" HK417 rail for sale that wasn't silly expensive.
  4. Actually looks about right tbh, the bagginess of the suits does help break up the shape of the body (and is a *fruitcage* godsend in hot weather)
  5. I'd wait for a bit to see how the longevity is. For what it's worth, I've had to fix one of the new Umarex/VFC G17s which had borked a recoil spring and it was pretty standard VFC, lovely externals, meh internals, questionable reliability. With the bonus of horrendous prices for Co2 magazines.
  6. Yes, I'd say so. Better feeding and compatibility too as the lips are to TM spec, unlike the macarons and their longer lips.
  7. Don't worry, if Brexit happens you'll be able to buy a TM recoil shock in the UK for about 3 potatoes
  8. Fair, but there is plenty of room on the site to set up tents and such. I can ask and see, worst they can say is no!
  9. Maple Leaf AEG Super hop up rubbers are good. As for the PSL - I've been entertaining the idea of converting my old CYMA RPK into a PSL-esque thing by cutting the barrel down to 20" and cutting the receiver to accept modified FAL magazines.
  10. Not really, but it's a 20 minute bus ride from the city center.
  11. I'd totally be up for another ArnieGedds! I have the ear of my local site up in Edinburgh and they've got some great terrain... thoughts?
  12. TM AK47 because it has a 600 round hicap and you can fit a large 8.4v nicad in the butt
  13. He has a restrictor disc installed to reduce the power output to UK legal levels. As for gas efficiency, have you checked the seal on the nozzle o-ring?
  14. Tis the Russian Border Guard camo - proganininininininikhikhikhihkhihkhihkhiihkhihkhihkik
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