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  1. You need a new cut off lever, it's worn out.
  2. DarkLite

    Steel CAW HK69

    I have to say, when I saw the first image in the post it physically hurt. But the replacement looks amazing! How much did it end up costing you, if you don't mind me asking?
  3. DarkLite

    Classic army g3

    I own a fair few (as in, 5+) CA G3s, from various years - the oldest is built on a TM G3 with a circa 2006 CA body and cocking tube kit, the newest is a 2018 model which came with the 9mm QSC gearbox and inline mosfet. They're ok, but they are aluminium alloy and the upper receiver is still a clamshell design with a seperate cocking tube. I run my stuff pretty hard and I've not broken one yet, but if I was going to get another one new, I'd be looking at saving up for an LCT instead. The only real buggeration is that LCT don't do many different models and they've had some issues with magazine fitment and feeding, even with their own magazines.
  4. DarkLite

    GHK x Umarex Glock 17

    Still a lot more than I'd want to spend on a sidearm, but compared to your usual WE/TM base pistol and a steel slide/barrel/fcg set, this is deffo a major contender if they can stick to the ~$300USD region.
  5. DarkLite

    Northeast Mini and full sized Uzi GBB

    Let's hope they make Co2 mags for these, that big ol' telescoping bolt will have a lot of mass to shift.
  6. DarkLite

    H&K Picture Thread

    BF3, actually, it was a DLC weapon. I loved running it with the Kobra in CQB, that 2 body shot kill at close range was very handy.
  7. DarkLite

    H&K Picture Thread

    Finally managed to find a VFC 9" HK417 rail for sale that wasn't silly expensive.
  8. DarkLite

    Chiappa Firearms Rhino

    Deffo a WGC OEM. If it's not too expensive I might pick one up, but I very much doubt it has a hop up.
  9. DarkLite

    LCT AK12

    No 2rnd burst. No thanks.
  10. DarkLite

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    Does this count?
  11. DarkLite

    Pictures of you in the field or at a game

    Actually looks about right tbh, the bagginess of the suits does help break up the shape of the body (and is a *fruitcage* godsend in hot weather)
  12. DarkLite

    Glock Picture Thread

    I'd wait for a bit to see how the longevity is. For what it's worth, I've had to fix one of the new Umarex/VFC G17s which had borked a recoil spring and it was pretty standard VFC, lovely externals, meh internals, questionable reliability. With the bonus of horrendous prices for Co2 magazines.
  13. DarkLite

    Schnitzel with noodles - what made you smile today?

    Yes, I'd say so. Better feeding and compatibility too as the lips are to TM spec, unlike the macarons and their longer lips.
  14. DarkLite

    Anyone still around from the old days?

    Don't worry, if Brexit happens you'll be able to buy a TM recoil shock in the UK for about 3 potatoes
  15. DarkLite

    Anyone still around from the old days?

    Fair, but there is plenty of room on the site to set up tents and such. I can ask and see, worst they can say is no!

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