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Warning Weapon762 scam


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Proof of my interactions with weapon762.

I bought an airsoft mask that was faulty and I contacted the shop on Facebook about my issues.
They said I would get a refund shortly, after a few minutes I was contacted by the shop WhatsApp to go over the problems I was having.
In short, they offered me a full refund if I return the mask to them. after they got the mask back they didn't want to refund me at all and then not refund me the postage amounts and remove any discounts.
And to fix the issue myself I should get a beer can and glue a bit on the mask lol.
After not getting anywhere and we not agreeing to a solution I had to ask Palpay to step in and help.
But because the shop guy gave me a different address to their PayPal account, PayPal can't do anything as they are saying they never got it the mask back, but in the conversations, you can see they have the mask back.
I consider this dishonest, fraud behaviour from the shop and have been in contact with my bank to make a fraud claim against them.
Just like to warn other be careful with this shop and go through PayPal straight away.
I probably won't get my money back but tarnish their name and warn others.

Proof of my interactions with weapon762.


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I've had some minor regular problems with them, and they never failed to solve them.
Now, to come here and in your first post just "tarnish their name" is not what I would call a class act on your part. It's generally advisable to use your first post in a forum to introduce yourself, at least.

What I gather from your screenshots is:

1.- It's not a defective item. It's not compatible with your helmet.
2.- It has been used beyond what they consider "new returned" which can happen if you fiddled with it trying to make it work.
3.- Even then they offered you another refund, but for the item only (which they cannot sell as new anymore), no shipping or discount included.

It's not that they are not trying.

Good luck.

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