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Threaded inner barrels

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Wasn't sure if someone had discovered this before (I did search) or even if this was the correct thread but he goes......

I've had the WE PMM for sometime now and it came with a threaded inner barrel and extension, pretty neat. Anyway, I recently expanded my collection with the WE M84 Cheetah and noticed that too had a threaded inner barrel. Being able to use the inner barrel extension and mock suppressor on the M84 is great and it looks really cool. Out of curiosity I contacted KY Airsoft from whom I bought both pistols to enquire if any other WE pistols came with the inner barrel threaded as well. It turns out that they do this to all inner barrels on WE pistols! 

I know the longer inner barrel will push the pistols past site limits in some countries but I don't skirmish anymore (just collect, plink, target shooting) but it's a nice feature to have.

I've just pre-ordered the MKIII Hi power from them so looking forward to seeing how that performs with the longer inner barrel and mock suppressor, should look cool!

Anyway just thought people might be interested........



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