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  1. Pretty sure we had an older news thread on it- the power was really weak, and I'm not sure Evike's listing that it has adjustable hop is accurate. But if I'm wrong then this could be promising, particularly if it can be stuffed into another shell.
  2. Viper Tech based C7A2, an alternate build for the Colt LMG / Diemaco LSW above. Not quite clone correct (needs an ambi selector and the markings are all wrong) but the broad strokes are there.
  3. Could be. Could also be an aiming system for a CIA paramilitary unit attacking an offshore oil rig under the guise of a UN inspection. Or just channeling the future of yesterday. It's an Imatronics LS45 helium-neon laser sight from the 1980s. Still works, surprisingly. Edit: And yeah it might be time to buy an AKM. Maybe split the difference when TM's Saiga comes out...
  4. Got the carry handle done- I reinforced the mount bracket further, then bent the rod (not the easiest thing with hand tools). I filed a notch on the rod which a grub screw on the handle indexes into, and cut grooves for E-clips to keep it attached to the mount. And then on the bipod, I epoxied small strips of steel, then bent the ends, and reinforced with screws. These hook into the handguard and provide the retention mechanism to keep the bipod legs folded up. And that about completes the project. Here's some glamor shots of the full thing: I might
  5. Cleaned up the bipod mount: And fabricated the carry handle mount, plus reattached the gas tube (which required cutting the actual rail off the top of the clamp, as you can see below): The carry handle bracket needs cleanup and reinforcement to prevent bending, but it's at the correct height now and holds the 8mm steel rod, so should be good once that's complete.
  6. It's actually going faster than expected. First off, the barrel sleeve and bipod yoke. This is not the cleanest work I've ever done, but it does hold. The barrel sleeve fits very snugly over the barrel, and indexes via a cutout to accommodate the bayonet lug. The birdcage is then torqued down in front of it and that holds it in place. On the underside of the barrel sleeve, I've filed a cutout. There's a grub screw protruding up from the bipod yoke which fits into this cutout and can move from side to side. That keeps the bipod on the gun and allows about 30 degrees of rotation t
  7. Well, getting the magwell and bolt catch sorted took less time than anticipated, so I threw the drum, handguard, and bipod on the gun to see how it looks. Still a lot of work but this is a good start. You may notice the barrel seems weedy in comparison to the bipod. The A2/A4 uses a 0.7" barrel diameter forward of the gas block, while the real Colt LMG appears to be ~0.94", and the M249 bipod yoke is intended to fit on a tube 1" in diameter. Originally I was planning to use tubing of the correct diameter to bulk up the barrel, and fit it to an A2-style front sight block int
  8. It was missing something. That deficiency has been rectified.
  9. EB-Tech mag in the M16, GHK stanag in the 733. And as for compatibility, well... GHK mags are slightly wider than the other WA-derivative-family mags. It's an issue with stanags because, unlike with pmags, you can't just remove a millimeter off the shell and call it a day, so I had to remove some material from the inside of the VT magwell on the 733 (not looking forward to this on the M16...) to make it fit, in addition to filing the mags and bending them to square up the shells (GHK's bends are sloppy, and most bulge out a bit in the middle). Additionally, GHK mag springs are a bit
  10. I never used to be a huge AR fan but this gun has changed my mind. Even with the full steel parts it's light, with minimal weight up front so it points easily. The carry handle optic felt excessively tall at first, but it's growing on me, as the heads-up shooting posture feels very natural, particularly for CQB. CAR-15 furniture is slimmer than M4 furniture and I find is easier to use. I'm still waiting on a repro of the Kley-Zion micro dot mount, which will let me attach the red dot directly to the carry handle rather than needing the rail, but then I think it'll be basically perfect. Co
  11. The rifle has been acquired, so now the real work can begin. First up is getting the rifle up to spec: Filing out the magwell to accommodate the wide tops of GHK magazines Removing the bolt catch detent, inserting a spacer to limit bolt catch travel, and reprofiling the bolt catch (not strictly necessary for this project as the HPA mag will never lock open, but these help with normal GHK mags, which have weak springs that can't reliably actuate the bolt catch otherwise) Installing a real-steel buffer (debounce helps reliability on FA) and charging handle (stock one is bl
  12. Second Viper Tech acquired, so now my big project can proceed.
  13. KWA M11 NS2, with TW steel kit (I think this might be the same as the Alpha Parts kit @PureSilver posted above- it looks identical). Suppressor is the old Polarstar one, front strap is homemade.
  14. It will be a serious missed opportunity if Marui doesn't combine this gas engine with the feed system of the shell-fed shotguns to produce something like that. A GBB SPAS-12 or M1014 would be a hot item for sure.
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