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  1. We won't go quietly, the Legion can count on that.
  2. I've seen semi-only conversions for police use, but the usual method for that was to simply weld or rivet a blocker into the selector track so that the gun cannot be switched to full auto. That's a cheap and easy conversion for open-bolt full-auto guns if all you are worried about is functionally locking out automatic fire. The US BATFE, however, considers any open bolt gun a machine gun regardless of its fire control, and barrel length under 16" makes even a closed-bolt gun a Title II short-barreled rifle (SBR), so Uzis imported into the US for commercial sale have a substantially diffe
  3. Someone on FB asked about a 16" version and NE said they aren't planning to. Can I ask what police used a 16" Uzi? I was under the impression that 16" barrels solely existed to meet US NFA requirements for civilian owners.
  4. That took longer than anticipated, but the first half of my VT M16A1 arrived. I asked for the lower and parts to be sent first so that I could get going on this project while waiting for the remainder. So, I immediately detail stripped it and applied the Moly Resin. It didn't come out a perfect match for the upper, but that's acceptable, and largely unavoidable given that I applied the resin more heavily to hopefully reduce risk of chipping. Once the lower was reassembled with necessary fitment modifications (some dimensions need to be tweaked to use the real upper), I got
  5. I already put in a pre-order, so I'll be happy to talk about it when it comes in.
  6. I've owned pretty much all the A&K MGs over the years, and the PKM is the same solid gearbox design as the previous guns with some of the problems ironed out. It is not excellent quality internals out of the box, and the hop leaves a lot to be desired- but it is very easy to work on, the problem parts are all standard V2/V3 spec (gears, piston, motor), and the Bullgear hop unit is a massive improvement. If you really want, it's not even that hard to completely gut the wiring and re-wire the whole gun for reduced resistance. I've run my PKM hard since its initial release and have been
  7. This thing. Basically just a custom body made to look like a Surefire 6P, but compatible with Modlite/Surefire Scout heads and tailcaps.
  8. VT-based Colt 727 with a bunch of real parts and a hybrid modern/retro light setup.
  9. Yeah, do let me know how that goes. The magnetic bolt catch really is a pain to tune.
  10. Very late, but to my knowledge the Ratworx bipod is not modeled online. I wouldn't trust a 3D printed bipod anyways; pot metal ones have enough problems as it is. Anyways, I finally got around to recording an overview video for my team channel. Most of what's in this video has been covered earlier in the thread, but shown in motion, and it also includes some gameplay footage from its first outing last year.
  11. When the kit's over $500 USD shipped, I'm not sure the economics of it being based on a cheap 'basic guts gun' really hold up. ~$600 USD for a 'sorta correct' gun- a 3D printed one, at that- seems rather steep.
  12. I have some 3D modeling experience so YMMV, but while I got frustrated by certain interactions being unintuitive, there's a lot of reference material on the Internet to turn to. The intended use workflow is fairly intuitive; it's typically about drawing complex shapes in 2D and then extruding into the third dimension. They don't advertise it much but you can get a personal/hobby use license for free, so it's worth at least giving a try.
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