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  1. I found my list of things I had to do to make the gun serviceable. -Refinishing the entire gun by media blasting with 120-grit aluminum oxide, then polishing the slide flats -Major reprofiling of the barrel and slide to address a serious fitment issue during cycling -Shimming the laser diode inside the housing (it didn't even work out of the box) -Cutting down the vertical adjustment screw on the rear sight to stop it contacting the nozzle -Securing the rear sight after the adjustment screw head stripped through the sight itself -Shimming the mainspring for reliable function on
  2. If the handguard cap works out I'll definitely be putting it up on Thingiverse. Just need to ensure it actually works as ordered first and adjust the design if needed. Anyways, I received the Moly Resin, modified the upper, and fabricated a rear sight. After a bunch of careful measurement, I came to the conclusion that the centerline of the front sight needed to be 7-8mm above the carry handle. This is important to get right, as there is no provision for elevation adjustment aside from flipping between the two apertures on the A1 rear sight. So the sight was made from a 12mm OD / 10mm ID
  3. Or, frankly, just get one milled out of aluminum tubing, or even sleeve it together yourself. The Mafioso one isn't accurate to the real prop, doesn't hold the laser securely (which, itself, is about a two-dollar Aliexpress probably-not-eye-safe laser), and uses a toggle switch to turn the laser on and off which is about as useless as it gets. So, there's not a lot of value there. The Weaver ring is cheaply made and not actually Weaver spec, so it can't be replaced without also replacing or modifying the mount. Which is a good idea anyways, because instead of the mount and grip being
  4. Oh yeah, forgot to post my last project here. Mafioso Hardballer Longslide (refinished with aluminum oxide blasting + polishing slide flats), Mafioso laser, real Weaver ring, real NPC mount, DIY pressure switch. Don't buy the Mafioso kit or laser, it's worth maybe a quarter of what they charge. I had to fix a bunch of stupid little things with this gun to make it usable, and the use of real mounts are solely because the Mafioso parts were hot garbage. On the bright side, since I've now reworked the laser to hold zero and mount with real-steel hardware, I was able to do
  5. So otherwise, I think I have all the non-VT parts I need to complete the build, minus tubing of appropriate size to fabricate the front sight. Now it's just a matter of actually getting the M16A1 and barrel parts from Viper Tech, which likely will not be until next month, but in the interim I can perform the needed modifications to the upper and start on painting once the Moly Resin arrives.
  6. Time for another build, this time the polar opposite of last year's. I'm looking to replicate a LaFrance Specialties M16K, a weird ultra-compact AR variant designed in the 1980s. Tim LaFrance intended for it to be used by combat vehicle crews or for shooting through the windows of a police cruiser, but the only success it ever saw was showing up in a couple of movies and shows (including Naked Gun 33 1/3, Miami Vice, and Escape From LA). Basically, it's what today we would call an AR pistol, using an 8-3/8" barrel. However, there are two funky things about it. First, it use
  7. Thank you, pretty pleased with how it came out, although I suspect based on reference images that the handguard is actually slightly oversized compared to the real thing. But it's held up pretty well in gameplay, so can't complain. I actually have some updates that I haven't posted here. After trying it out in-game, I did some further experimentation with other configurations. Using an Elcan seems to work pretty well for long-ranged fire (although the replica isn't spectacular), but the reduction in FOV and lack of backup irons is problematic when I don't know where targets will be a
  8. "These are brand new, we just got them in. That's a good gun. You just touch the trigger and the beam comes on and you put the red dot where you want the bullet to go. You can't miss." Okay, so it's more like squeeze the grips to turn on the red dot, but close enough. This was built from the Mafioso kit and, as cool as the final product is, I absolutely cannot recommend it. I had a bunch of problems with the gun entirely due to bad design, and the mount was so chintzy (and off-spec- they clearly had no idea what the prop they were trying to replicate actually was) that I en
  9. @blobface Very nice! I'd wager that gets you pretty close to the real 12" barrel length. Since this thread has been bumped, I figure I should give an update: The gun is still working great. It has become my absolute favorite APS-shell shotgun out of all the ones I've owned and built. The shell retention makes it viable without a shell catcher or having to pick up shells, and the spring-loaded revolver mechanism allows a high rate of fire. It sucks to reload, but I never have to reload under fire. There is no apparent wear to the internals and barrel alignment is the same as it
  10. @icolater @PureSilver Hopefully this answers your questions better than my attempts to describe the gun in text. Lemme know if I missed anything.
  11. I'm super late to this but yes, with a caveat. You'll see a lot of conflicting info over the years because VT has improved on a yearly basis, like car models. Original 2010 guns were Inokatsus made under license; modern guns are substantially different and don't have a ton of parts compatibility with the old ones. A lot also depends on what mags you use, since they can use any WA-spec magazines and many WA-derived ones (including GHK with break-in and potentially minor modification). Receivers are forged on original Colt dies. Internals are all hardened steel and aluminum, all CNCed. Ther
  12. I've been doing a little iteration on some Viper Tech builds. VT Colt 733, real A1E1/C7 upper receiver, real furniture and charging handle, muzzle shims in lieu of the anachronistic crush washer, and a front sling swivel. This combination of features gets it screen-accurate to the one used in the film Heat. Second, a Colt 727 upper for the same lower. This was built from VT barrel parts mounted to a real Rock River Arms A2 upper. Optic is an Aimpoint 3000 courtesy of eBay, and the sling is a DIY 'silent sling' setup styled after those used by SF in the 1990s. I also have an M203
  13. I just found some side-on blueprints through Google and extrapolated dimensions from it. I cheated a bit on the width of the handguard by copying it from a set of handguard files someone else made.
  14. GHK AK-74 with Bulgarian plum furniture, W&S steel bolt carrier, and a homebrew plum magazine.
  15. I don't think a handstop on the underside of the frame does much good when this is the shooting posture: Like you said there is a muzzle device to at least add a bit of length, but Blobface doesn't have that. The act of bringing it to the cheek, getting your palm up top while keeping it away from the muzzle, and getting a shot off while under stress and time pressure just seems a little dicey to me, that's all.
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