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  1. I don't think a handstop on the underside of the frame does much good when this is the shooting posture: Like you said there is a muzzle device to at least add a bit of length, but Blobface doesn't have that. The act of bringing it to the cheek, getting your palm up top while keeping it away from the muzzle, and getting a shot off while under stress and time pressure just seems a little dicey to me, that's all.
  2. The lack of any sort of guard against putting your palm over the muzzle is a little worrisome. Well, less so for airsoft, but under stress it could be an issue. Otherwise I like the idea. It reminds me a bit of the old Skorpion machine pistol, where the 'stock' is actually intended as a cheek brace due to its short length.
  3. Auto-translate at 6:15 is suggesting that it's 0.13J or less- if it is that weak I don't think it's going to be much use for airsoft.
  4. I don't believe the gel blaster shells are suitable for CO2, but that would help. In any case, the different design between PPS and APS shells produces different results. The APS wad is able to use the barrel to maximize power, while the PPS shells, having no barrel to interface with, waste most of their power. With propane as a propellant, the PPS shells are downright pathetic- 3 BBs per shot and they hit the ground literally ten feet in front of me. CO2 might do a little better. I'd be interested to see how the PPS shells perform with an inner barrel, but I'm not invested in that system
  5. Carving out channels for the gas firing pin (valve knocker), which protrudes slightly into the upper. Filing down the barrel nut threading to allow the barrel extension to sit farther into the receiver. Filing out a shallow channel on the side of the receiver for the bolt catch. Filing down the detent housing on the dust cover door (the bolt is a touch wider than a real one in the recessed area so it can't fully close otherwise). Filing out the rear takedown pin to align with the VT lower (rear pin on the VT is very slightly lower than the real thing). So not a drop
  6. I actually have a G&P M203 coming to replace this crappy S&T launcher, which will have the proper U-shaped barrel lug rather than the M4-style QD, and then the gun should be spot-on. This kit was my whole reason for buying 727 parts for my Vipertech (including significantly modifying a real A2 upper to fit), so I definitely wanted to get the gun right. I also want to see if I can rig the backpack directly to the suspenders to replicate the lack of double straps they have going on-game. And, if I can ever find them, get a set of the green laser ballistic outserts. And maybe adapt m
  7. Come in, Cooper, do you copy? Cooper, do you read me? Forget about Freeman, we are abandoning the base. If you have any last bomb targets, mark them on the tactical map. Otherwise, get the hell out of there. Repeat, we are pulling out and commencing air strikes. Give us targets, or get below.
  8. Sure. So the problem is basically that the bolt catch is magnetic, rather than spring-loaded, which causes some pretty drastic falloff in strength. It's a lot harder to design a bolt catch that is weak enough for a mag to engage it when empty, but strong enough to return when the bolt is cycled. Basically it's a bad design, but we can work with it. What I did was pretty simple- I extracted the bolt catch and dropped a 3x1mm N52 neodymium magnet into the bottom. If this causes the bolt catch to interact with the bolt when a mag is not inserted, remove the silicone buffer from the bolt catc
  9. I assume you're looking at HIPS injection molding at that price? Casting in urethane resin will run you about a hundred bucks for the initial setup. Bit more if you want a vacuum degasser too. A lot of us have had bad experiences with PLA cracking at layer lines or warping with heat, and the surface finish of FDM isn't ideal. Wingmann's sentiment isn't uncommon; I know a lot of folks who would buy SRU if it weren't for their products being all 3D printed, and personally I've sworn off buying 3D printed airsoft gear. But it's your product and your business.
  10. Pretty sure we had an older news thread on it- the power was really weak, and I'm not sure Evike's listing that it has adjustable hop is accurate. But if I'm wrong then this could be promising, particularly if it can be stuffed into another shell.
  11. Viper Tech based C7A2, an alternate build for the Colt LMG / Diemaco LSW above. Not quite clone correct (needs an ambi selector and the markings are all wrong) but the broad strokes are there.
  12. Could be. Could also be an aiming system for a CIA paramilitary unit attacking an offshore oil rig under the guise of a UN inspection. Or just channeling the future of yesterday. It's an Imatronics LS45 helium-neon laser sight from the 1980s. Still works, surprisingly. Edit: And yeah it might be time to buy an AKM. Maybe split the difference when TM's Saiga comes out...
  13. Got the carry handle done- I reinforced the mount bracket further, then bent the rod (not the easiest thing with hand tools). I filed a notch on the rod which a grub screw on the handle indexes into, and cut grooves for E-clips to keep it attached to the mount. And then on the bipod, I epoxied small strips of steel, then bent the ends, and reinforced with screws. These hook into the handguard and provide the retention mechanism to keep the bipod legs folded up. And that about completes the project. Here's some glamor shots of the full thing: I might
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