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  1. CatgutViolin

    WE Desert Eagle (Licensed by Cybergun)

    Little bit of an update. I bought a second Desert Eagle, this time in black, and swapped a few parts around. I also used a bit of Tung oil finish to liven up the wood grips I previously had. So, here are a few things I've noticed, having two guns to compare: -The magazine catch profile I mentioned at the end of the previous page is a design flaw. Fixing it is straightforward, just use a steel file to make the angle at which it engages the incoming magazine a bit shallower, then polish with sandpaper. Leaving it stock means it will take significant effort to slap the magazine past the catch, which will cause peening to both the magazine and catch over time. -On both guns, the hop adjustment screw felt like it was bottoming out before I was getting any hop. This is, again, an engagement angle problem. It hits the hop arm at a very steep angle, so instead of pushing it down, it just gets stuck. I removed the grub screw from the hop unit, filed the end of it to a shallower profile, and again used sandpaper to polish. Upon reinsertion, it got to the point where it felt like it was bottoming out (when the screw contacts the arm), but after another full turn it engaged properly and deflected the hop arm. -The hop bucking has been mediocre on both. Get the Maple Leaf, and might as well get a new barrel while you're at it. The Maple Leaf Autobot (60-deg) bucking and Crazy Jet 6.04 (138mm) are perfect, and cost me all of $43 shipped from WGCShop. Whether you keep the stock barrel or get a new one, shim it with electrical tape so that it's snug- there's a bit of play by default. -Buying a low-power nozzle from KY Airsoft was a waste of time; they sent me another full-power one. To reduce the FPS, glue a piece of tubing into the front of the rocket valve to reduce its inner diameter. This restricts the flow without causing backpressure like the restricter disks, so you get better gas efficiency and a slightly quicker/harder cycle. -The thinner Alumagrips (left) make the gun easier to carry and fire one-handed, but the contours of the KSD Grips wood grips (right) make supporting the weight of the red dot sight easier. The KimPOIShop grips fit well, but they look a little toy-like compared to the KSD ones and haven't stood up well to use. If you're looking for better grips and willing to do a minor bit of work (just a bit of filing), I highly recommend the Alumagrips. That's all for now.
  2. CatgutViolin

    GHK AK(M) Compatibility with real parts?

    Facebook makes it easy to miss messages from people outside your Friends list. I sent him a message yesterday on Reddit and he got back to me within an hour- try there.
  3. CatgutViolin

    Modify MOD 90 Semi-Auto Shotgun

    I had no trouble getting comparable range to AEGs with my old Maruzens; the problem was more the low power. The Marushin and clones just never had much in the way of hop-up to begin with. Anyone know if there's any connection between this gun and the Cybergun semi-auto tri-shot shown off at IWA 2019? Check out 4:25 in this video: Edit: On further inspection, looks like some significant differences, starting with the fact that it's a different model gun and doesn't appear to be blowback. Might just be a re-worked SG9000. Adjustable hop is neat though.
  4. CatgutViolin

    Tokyo Marui KSG Gas Shotgun: First Impressions

    I was editing footage from a game this past weekend, realized most of my kills were with my KSG, and figured I'd post my thoughts up here. So, here are my thoughts on the gun, having used it a couple of times in the last few months: -HPA isn't necessary, but it helps. I had done a bunch of experimenting to try to find what BBs hopped best on duster versus green gas with the internal upgrades I had in place, but ultimately being able to rely on a consistent input pressure via HPA tap allowed me to properly tune for range. I used a CQB Russian hose; it was a real pain to get it to stop leaking (teflon tape under the O-ring) but with that sorted it works great. -Range out of the box is mediocre, but with just a few upgrades becomes surprisingly good. In the video I'm running SAT tightbores with the stock buckings, input pressure at about 95 PSI, and it was punting 0.28s (at ~320fps) far enough to outrange pretty much everything else on the field. I was engaging snipers without much difficulty. Annoyingly, it just slightly underhops 0.28s and significantly overhops 0.25s, so I still need to experiment. -Most importantly: Reloading is the biggest obstacle. I installed a Laylax extended shell release, put a dummy shell in the non-feeding side of the receiver as a guide, polished the entrance to the feed tube, and put a velcro strip on the right side for a shell carrier. Combined, these dramatically speed up my reloads- and yet you can still see at the end of the video when I had to be saved by a teammate because I couldn't reload quickly enough. The main issue I find is that with ten shots, I have to reload pretty much whenever I get the chance. The obvious solution is a magwell adapter, and I have a Salamander M4 adapter, but I'm not too impressed with how my MAG midcaps feed in it, as I get occasional two-BB shots or even dry fire towards the end of the mag. I think practice with reloading from the side saddle will make the stock shells more viable, but I'd be open to any input here. -Six-shot mode is pretty worthless. It doesn't have any better spread than tri-shot. Overall it's a fun gun, but that mag capacity is really a killer. I'm tempted to be That Guy and get an auto-winding drum, which coupled with the HPA tap means basically shooting non-stop forever. Maybe I can dress it up in a way that will make me not hate myself for doing it.
  5. CatgutViolin

    WE Desert Eagle (Licensed by Cybergun)

    Alrighty, I just received the KimPOI grips. No fitment was necessary; there's about half a millimeter of gap at the very top on one side but it's not really noticeable. Overall they look and feel quite nice, with much less flex and play than the stock grips. So, while I'm here, a word on performance. This past weekend I had the opportunity to use the Desert Eagle at a zombie event at an outdoor field. I used this, loaded with .28s, as a backup to my KSG, and against human (armed) players was successfully able to engage with one-shot-kills on targets in cover beyond 100ft away. My longest kill was a measured 180ft. The red dot greatly helped with aiming, and provided a clear sight picture to allow me to adjust fire when the wind diverted BBs off-course. Against the zombies, the slightly sluggish cycle time didn't prove to be a problem at all. I originally bought this gun as a gimmick, but I am absolutely in love with it. Swapping the barrel/bucking out for a Crazy Jet + Maple Leaf Autobot made a world of difference, and for a total of ~$170 it's a steal. My only complaint is that there's no good way to holster a scoped pistol (I used a kydex holster with the top sliced off for this game- worked well, but not as secure as I'd like), so I'm currently learning how to work with leather to make one of my own. I hope to have some video up soon showing how well it performed. It's night and day compared to WE's older offerings.
  6. CatgutViolin

    Glock Picture Thread

    $259 US and currently only sold by Flux Defense, directly through their website. It looks like they currently don't ship outside the US, unfortunately.
  7. CatgutViolin

    WE/Cybergun M1A1 Thompson Submachine Gun

    Spitballing here, but on real open-bolt submachine guns, you get the first issue if the sear return spring is too light (so a hard pull 'slaps' it down and the gun is able to cycle twice before it resets), and you can get the second issue if the disconnector is designed to be tripped by pulling the trigger farther than it takes to fire (full-auto is then achieved by blocking the trigger from going far enough to engage the sear- this is how my WE M712 is designed, so I wouldn't be surprised if this uses the same). If you increase the tension on the sear, it will typically fix both issues. Assuming what I described above is what's going on.
  8. CatgutViolin

    Glock Picture Thread

    It was not a walk in the park, to say the least. I significantly carved out the area behind the slide, shortened/smoothed the beavertail on the pistol itself, enlarged the crosspin hole (hence the machine screw), and removed some material where it wraps around the sides of the grip. I'm guessing most, possibly all of that could have been avoided if I had just used a Gen 4 frame as it was designed for, rather than the Gen 3 frame I had, but by the time I realized what I was getting into it was too late to turn back.
  9. CatgutViolin

    Glock Picture Thread

    Flux Defense brace bodged with a Dremel to fit on a WE G17 (gen 3).
  10. CatgutViolin

    WE Desert Eagle (Licensed by Cybergun)

    I'd love to do that, but Aluminum Black doesn't produce that fire-blued steel look, it just turns pure black, then scrapes off if you stare at it too hard. DuraBlue (a spray product) is an option, but I'm not too impressed by the results I've seen.
  11. CatgutViolin

    WE Desert Eagle (Licensed by Cybergun)

    Yeah, I have a pair that I got for my Dan Wesson that took some fitment. I have a set of rasps so that's not too big a deal. These are the ones I ordered. I'm mostly just interested to see if being designed for the airsoft gun makes for better fitment than the generic wood grips. Guess I'll find out. I like having options in either case. I will say that the Alumagrips feel the best so far, because they're significantly thinner than the stock, Hogue, or wood grips. Being thinner makes the gun a lot more comfortable to hold, even without any checkering.
  12. CatgutViolin

    WE Desert Eagle (Licensed by Cybergun)

    Got some pics. Turns out the wood grips I ordered from KSD Grips arrived today too. Fitting the Alumagrips only required filing down the tabs on the inside that secure to the frame, so that the magazine doesn't contact them. This took about ten minutes with a steel file. Fitting the wood grips was significantly more involved, and required reprofiling the inner 'step' that fits them to the frame. Also, there's an issue I've noticed on both grips- they don't fit flush on the back, demonstrating a small gap. I suspect the aluminum frame of the WE is slightly thicker than the steel frame of the real thing, causing the grips to stand a little bit farther off than they should. On the Alumagrips this isn't a problem, because of the aforementioned tabs holding the grips to the frame, but on the wood grips tightening the screw caused the grips to bow outwards. I've solved this for now with adding spacers to control the width- it's not optimal, but it might be the best I can do short of having some grips custom-made. These wood grips also appear to be unfinished, so I'm going to rub some Tung oil into them and see if I can get a bit more luster. I also have the KimPOI Biohazard Lightning Hawk grips on the way as well, because I enjoy wasting money on pistol dress-up, so we'll see how those compare.
  13. CatgutViolin

    WE Desert Eagle (Licensed by Cybergun)

    Well, unless you start swapping parts in the nozzle, the mechanics of firing and recoil aren't affected. The gun will dump gas out the nozzle until the rocket valve seals, then it'll start to recoil. If the gun is overvolumed, as most gas pistols are, then you'll get higher FPS with a longer barrel, but that's it- Marui doesn't do that simply because they have to abide by Japanese legal limits. The main reason most pistols don't have easily-swapped barrel length is that the tilting action on most short-recoil pistols means that extra weight on the barrel can start to mess with things. But the Desert Eagle has a fixed barrel, so that's not a problem. I'm kind of surprised there aren't more aftermarket external bits for the WE already, actually. In related news, I was able to get real-steel Alumagrips to fit on my WE with minor modification. No more creaky, wobbly plastic when the grips are now solid slabs of aluminum torqued to the frame. I'll post some pictures in a couple of hours.
  14. CatgutViolin

    WE Desert Eagle (Licensed by Cybergun)

    The Weaver cuts did need to be significantly deepened to fit, but otherwise it seems to clamp fine.
  15. CatgutViolin

    WE Desert Eagle (Licensed by Cybergun)

    After testing over the last week, I've learned some things that I don't think I've seen documented. -The hop chamber design is considerably better than many of WE's prior GBB pistols, being more or less a GBBR hop. This is a big difference from the WE M712 I have, where I eventually replaced the hop adjustment with a vertical grub screw because the stock design just didn't work well. -Because the hop chamber is well-built, I replaced the barrel with a Crazy Jet 6.04mm (138mm length) and the bucking with a Maple Leaf Autobot, 60-degree, and am getting what I consider very impressive results. The hop-up is easy to adjust, and I'm able to get it to just a very slight overhop to maximize range. Most notably, though, it's surprisingly consistent for a GBB. This could be a sniper handgun for sure, and the barrel + bucking combo is only $38 from WGC, so it's not a huge investment for considerably better performance. -The magazine catch isn't profiled very well. I was having to give magazines a good slap to get them past the mag catch, and I noticed it was starting to deform the metal of the magazines. I removed the magazine catch, used a file to put in a consistent 45-degree angle, and polished it with 300-grit sandpaper. Now mag insertion is much smoother. Only other thing to note is that I have purchased an Ultradot sight, which mounts with Weaver scope rings, so I will report back on just how much modification is needed to get them onto the shallow cutouts on the WE barrel.

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