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  1. We'll see. I found a parts diagram in a review, and it looks like the drum should be removable (albeit with a lot of effort). I can't actually use OEGs with any kind of effectiveness thanks to some eye surgery a while back, so it'd be strictly for looks anyways. But either way I'll probably want to get the drum out to work on the barrel/cylinder interface seal and/or fit a metal barrel.
  2. Hmm, that's annoying; I might have to go with my original plan of just bodging a rail on there. Funny thing is, every time I've seen the Striker in a videogame, it's had a rail on top for sights or optics. But as far as I can tell, that was never a real thing, since the Striker/Street Sweeper disappeared off the market long before rails became popular. Anyways, my tracking number now shows that the package has been accepted by Hong Kong Post, so it seems it's actually on the way.
  3. Both of us have tracking numbers, but both still show pre-shipment. No response to our emails, just suddenly ship notifications showed up. Related, it turns out that Armson is still around (!) and still selling (!!!) occluded-eye gunsights for the Striker. Here's an example of one in use. Technically this is on a Protecta so not an 'actual' Striker / Street Sweeper, but the mounting is the same:
  4. Sent an email a week ago to ask the status. Was assured it would be shipped by the 24th. Sent an email yesterday asking where it is. No reply. Edit: Teammate reports he just got a ship notification and tracking #. Which is odd, because I ordered two hours before him. Crossing my fingers.
  5. Time for an update. First up, I recorded the process of making more mags (hopefully this should resolve into an embedded video if/when Youtube responds to my appeal, thanks automated flagging) I am now up to five hicap mags, for ~2500-2750 BBs before I need to reload. That seems fine for a machine gunner. Based on shop shop compressor testing, I believe I should be able to get ~8,000 shots out of a full 98/4500 tank. I was extremely skeptical of that level of efficiency until I decided to see just how many shots I get out of a green gas mag, and got 110 before it stopped being a
  6. I thought the video said that the 12 shells were because they got it as a 'deluxe kit'. I've been told the original street price was the equivalent of about $200 USD in China, but the price jumped after the ban. I figured Eagle's price was the 'there are only a few dozen of these in existence, there may never be any more, and we are the only game in town for getting them out of China' surcharge. Also because the price includes shipping, which I have to imagine is not cheap. But yeah I'd be all for a cheaper copy, because that'd be perfect for custom work. Remove the shroud and chop t
  7. The rise of cheap micro dots intended for real steel has helped out airsoft. You can now get a Holosun or Sig red dot for $100-150 USD. I have a couple of Sig Romeo 5s. The Romeo 5 uses a CR2032, but there are also variants that use AAAs. It also deactivates if it doesn't detect motion for some amount of time (not an amount I've run into during an airsoft game) so if you leave it on it won't run dead. Sig also has a good warranty. Otherwise I've had good luck with the C-Mores sold on Aliexpress for around $30 USD. Clean glass, clean dots, easy to adjust, easy to make lens protectors
  8. One of my teammates also ordered one. It's now marked sold out. Crossing my fingers.
  9. If you get gun shows or police auctions in your neck of the woods, both are good places to find old surplus Surefire forends. I got mine for $70 at a gun show, and while the incandescent bulb they come with is absolute garbage, you can buy drop-in LEDs for about $20 that bring them up to modern standards.
  10. My dudes, I have received replies. And when I asked about the US (for any fellow Yanks here): So... They say they have it in stock, I've gone ahead and ordered it, and paid extra for EMS too. This is the page, for those who haven't found it already. I remember Zeta Labs. My buddy got burned by them. But as a shotgun addict I can't pass up this opportunity. Happy to be the guinea pig for you all. I'll report updates as I have them.
  11. I sent a message to Eagle asking if they can clarify- no reason not to. But I don't imagine I'll get a reply for at least a week, given that it's the Chinese new year at the moment.
  12. Don't do that. Don't give me hope. Seriously do report back what you hear, if there's any substance to it.
  13. The DOE carbine is the Colt 633, not the 635. Shorter barrel, different handguard and front sight. It's often referred to as the DOE carbine because referring to Colt variants strictly by manufacturer designation is a pain to keep straight.
  14. I'm not sure I'd put an 11.1 in a Marui or CA that's been effective on an 8.4 NiCd; that greatly increases the risk of breaking something. A 7.4 LiPo will give comparable performance.
  15. I like it a lot. I've owned a bunch of GBBs and a couple of GBBRs over the years and this one is by far the easiest to work on and the best performing out of the box. Recoil is on par with some of the Daytonas, the hop-up works and has lots of aftermarket support, it's quite efficient, and all the functional components (in particular the massively oversized trigger mechanism parts) have shown no significant wear after ~4,000rds fired. It's also a GHK, so while mags are expensive, you have the option to DevilHunter mod them (ie convert to fill with liquid CO2 from a bottle), which helps a
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