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  1. CatgutViolin

    WE Desert Eagle (Licensed by Cybergun)

    So I've got a WE Desert Eagle of my own on the way, and now I've gotten really, really confused about the finishes. Evike sells them in Black, Chrome, and Silver versions (see here). The Chrome is the same price as the Black. The Silver is more expensive than the other two. Am I to understand that the Chrome is a painted finish that is now being retired, and the more expensive Silver is electroplated? All of the non-US retailers I've looked at have only listed Black and Silver, and reading through this thread I've seen people refer to Chrome and Silver seemingly interchangeably. I ordered the Silver one and have no idea what's actually going to show up on Wednesday. Anyways, while I'm here, I was wondering if you or anyone else has any recommendations on must-do modifications. I saw your earlier posts about widening the hop window and polishing the chamfer, so I was going to start with those- anything else that should be done right off the bat?
  2. CatgutViolin

    APS CAM870 Impressions

    Here's a guide on how I load my shells now- haven't seen anyone else use this method, but it seems to make a noticeable difference:
  3. CatgutViolin

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    Points to hitmanNo2, it is, in fact, just a bog-standard Elcan C79 without the rubber cover. I came up with the idea when trying to make the Elcan look a little less out of place when strapped to my PKM, and it's surprising how unrecognizable the optic becomes.
  4. CatgutViolin

    APS CAM870 Impressions

    By the way, I messaged APS asking what it would take to switch from the MkI to the MkIII system. They emailed me back: To which I asked if there was any difference in performance, since their release photo showed a pretty high FPS, and got this reply: So there you have it- it's the MkI resurrected, without as much real-steel compatibility.
  5. CatgutViolin

    APS CAM870 Impressions

    For the, like, three people who might be tempted to attempt such a project: The APS CAM870 fits in a Bullpup Unlimited conversion kit with minimal modification. Did it in about two hours, no power tools, just some trimming of plastic on the conversion plate (the piece that bolts to the rear of the receiver) and a bit of shimming to get it to attach at the correct angle. This image is with a 24" barrel, but the overall length is just 33", and it's perfectly balanced over the pistol grip. The pump action is a little rougher and the trigger is garbage, but hey, it works.
  6. CatgutViolin

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    After kicking around the idea for the better part of three years, I finally bit the bullet and ordered a Remington 870 bullpup conversion kit from Bullpup Unlimited. Surprisingly, my APS CAM870 was almost a drop-in fit, requiring just a different stock bolt, removal of some plastic on a conversion piece, and a shim to adjust a particular angle of fitment. It now has a 24" barrel, 8+1 capacity, and just 33" overall length (same as an M4), while adding less than a pound to the gun's weight, which is now perfectly balanced over the pistol grip. Oh, and an Elcan, because why not. Might not be very useful, but it sure fits the look, doesn't it? I do have a C-More on the way that will be a little more practical.
  7. CatgutViolin

    One-Day Flamethrower Build

    Months later, I finally have some gameplay footage of the thing in action, along with the two designs of my teammates.
  8. I suppose this isn't really an ongoing project, having finally finished the bunch of R&D that went into it, but maybe this can be of use to some of you. Historically most CO2 airsoft revolvers shot way too hot for field use. This has been changing recently with the advent of 'low-power' versions, but as far as I'm concerned, if I'm going to carry a gun sufficiently finicky to require reloading individual shells, I'm going to make those shells as effective as possible. So: Multi-BB 'ratshot' or shotgun shells for Wingun revolvers have been around a few years. Normally they're plastic 3D prints, expensive from stores like Shapeways, and come in bright plastic colors. I think that's all kind of lame, so I set about improving an earlier effort to build some proper brass shells that do the same job. Here's a tutorial video on the end result- dirt-cheap shells (I've built 100 for about $50) that hold up to six BBs apiece and are compatible in most any gun that will accept Wingun shells. And the result of an evening of assembling shells while playing videogames:
  9. CatgutViolin

    AI Mike40

    Surprisingly, the demo video actually demonstrates the 'correct' use when the player sweeps it across the guys in the tower. Aim at a distant target, pull the trigger, wave it around. They're not each getting plugged with 100+ BBs. Sure, they're getting hit with more than one so I guess you can call it overkill, but it's not like a regular moscart is any different in that regard. I'm also just going to throw out that unless they've edited the design since the video, the 'third of a second' rate of fire claim is nonsense. Check the timestamps and you can clearly see that it's taking nearly a full second to discharge. That makes it virtually identical in both rate of fire and muzzle velocity to a strafer, which has plenty of legitimate use.
  10. CatgutViolin

    AI Mike40

    Some of us don't have to imagine. Some of us have experienced comparable equipment in use, and don't have to engage in armchair speculation. Who here is talking about deliberately using it to overshoot? Do you also ask why people what's enjoyable about slugging others with honest-to-god explosives (TAG rounds), permanently damaging their hearing (BFGs), exposing them to lung-destroying chemicals (literally any smoke grenade on the market), inflicting comparable amounts of overshooting in a different pattern (bog-standard moscarts), or simply making other players bleed (high-FPS guns within MED)? Nobody's denying the potential for abuse, but nobody here's advocating using it for deliberate overshooting either. And frankly, citing safety concerns to single out this product seems downright disingenuous. P3 Strafers have a higher joules-per-second output than this, with much higher elastic deformation per-hit, and they've been extensively tested with Z87.1 eyewear with no apparent problems. A moscart at close range objectively causes greater deformation thanks to simultaneous impact. You're right, eyepro is rated for a single impact- that means you're following ANSI guidelines and discarding your lenses every time they suffer a single hit, right? I don't have any particular interest in this product, but this is getting ridiculous. If your local community is so toxic and unpoliced by field staff that banning anything abusable is the only way to stop someone from being a grade-A *wheelbarrow*, then by all means ban it. If your field's semi-only then it probably shouldn't be allowed to begin with. The rest of us can use it responsibly, along with the myriad of other products (see above list) that represent a material hazard and potential source of abuse. Maybe when the public gets their hands on it people will see it for themselves that a stream of low-velocity BBs will not, in fact, rend their flesh, destroy their eyepro, burn their patch, foreclose on their house, and steal candy from orphans.
  11. CatgutViolin

    AI Mike40

    I've found that pretty much any system that rapidly dumps liquid CO2 (liquid is the key, CO2 GBB mags don't do this since they siphon gaseous CO2) experiences power creep, be it 40mms, Goblins, or APS shotgun shells. Since they're filled with liquid CO2, they're all effectively massively overvolumed and gain substantial power with heavier BBs. Systems that use liquid propane will also do it, but to a much more limited extent than with CO2.
  12. CatgutViolin

    AI Mike40

    I dunno if you just misread or what but I'm not fearmongering about this Mike40, quite the opposite. If you're skeptical about my anecdote regarding the Madbull's power, well, we're not the only ones to have cracked Humvee glass, but feel free to call up the Army National Guard office in Buffalo, NY and ask why they don't allow opfor volunteers to employ 40mms at RSP events anymore. Would have been around 2010, if you have to jog anyone's memory. Ruvon's a member here and also knows the shooter IRL, so you can ask him too if you like. Those CO2 grenades are some nasty stuff, but expecting basic sportsmanship and ejecting players who don't demonstrate it has proven sufficient to curb abuse.
  13. CatgutViolin

    AI Mike40

    It's cardboard.
  14. CatgutViolin

    AI Mike40

    Madbull's XM781HP 40mms do 250fps with 0.45g 8mm BBs. Again, I have seen the thing crack bulletproof glass. I have a clutch of Chinese-made 40mms that hold around 150 BBs each, and have measured them at around 300fps on CO2 with .2s, experiencing significant power creep with heavier BBs. Both of these are cheaper than this Mike40, have been around for years, and are readily available worldwide. Unless you're starting fights on the regular, I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that overpowered 40mm MED-riding overkill douchebaggery hasn't been a problem before, so why do you expect that to change now? Has anyone here used Cyclone grenades? Those are the same engine, same BB capacity, same muzzle energy, same everything, the only difference being that they spin and shoot BBs everywhere rather than just emitting them in a stream. Well, I've had them go off literally at my feet, spraying all their contents into my lower body, and usually I realize it's gone off because of the noise, not because my gonads have been shredded by the blazing fury of 140 BBs. Those shoot the same velocity as this and are purpose-designed to do so at point-blank range, and I've never heard complaints about their power. I don't consider myself particularly tough, but I think a lot of airsofters haven't had enough experience with low-muzzle-energy devices and builds to realize just how inoffensive half a joule of muzzle energy really is, even in high quantities, and especially at distance. Having been on both ends of a 240fps strafer, I would much rather get sprayed at point-blank by something that performs like that than get blasted by a CO2 40mm grenade. It is no contest whatsoever. The advertised product is weak (despite their hamming it up for the video), and the kind of person who's going to exploit this has already had cheaper and more painful options at their disposal for literally decades. I don't get the reaction at all.
  15. CatgutViolin

    AI Mike40

    Ah, someone who has not beheld the glory that is a strafer. Seriously, absurd rate of fire lets you do a lot that your average AEG struggles with. Easily hitting hard targets in cover from a distance, wiping out a squad with one sweep, arcing fire over obstacles and still getting hits, making players regret that tiny nub of an elbow peeking around cover- there are applications for something like this that aren't pure D-baggery. I also think people are somewhat blowing the overkill/safety concerns out of proportion. When my team's run strafers it's been at about the same muzzle velocity, we've never had complaints about overshooting despite regularly hosing players with 50+ BBs in a burst. ~240fps at the muzzle dips below 200 beyond ten feet, and beyond that it's a lot more like having a handful of BBs thrown at you than getting stitched up with a riding-the-field-limit P*. We're talking a third of a joule here. I would much sooner take one of these at point blank than one of the old Madbull 8mm CO2 grenades. I've seen one of those crack a Humvee's windshield. Shower grenades with absurd power levels have been around for a long time, but I've never seen them generate this kind of hysteria.

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