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  1. The new VFC online catalogue for 2024 is available now suggesting a release very soon. If it's as good as my HK45CT I'll probably pick up 2!
  2. number47

    KJW M4

    HI guys, Thinking of buying the 'Outlaw' folding stock adapter for my KJ M4. It's a knock-off of the Law Tactical adapter at $200!!! The ad says it's suitable for AEG and GBB M4s so you thinks it's worth risking the $50? Also, can anyone confirm the KJW email address for replacement parts is still working? I need to get a new CQBR length outer barrel. Thanks in advance
  3. Just bought one of these, very happy with it so far. With regard to real steel stocks, can anyone tell me if it matters if the stock is for the slim or bull barrelled version? Locking at a RS stock with a folding butt. Number 47
  4. number47

    KJW M4

    T-hum, Would probaly go for a Level III. knowing the quality and craftmanship of your products, I would bet this would be the perfect 'drop in' product. This would also save me a lot of work on my CQBR version. Hate to push but any word on STANAG mags?
  5. Parallax isn't too bad, haven't really tried to measure it but at realistic distances, probably not an issue.
  6. Visionking 1.25-5x26 short dot scope First my apologies for the pics – crappy camera and even crappier photographer! When the Schmidt & Bender Short Dot scope first appeared on the market, and probably like many other airsofters, I thought “that would be great on my rifle”. However, there was no way I could either afford, let alone justify the price at over $2,000. Since then I’ve been making do with my trusty Aimpoint and ACOG clones. Although they are great at what they do, they are very ‘mission specific’, i.e. the aimpoint for CQB and the ACOG for medium distance. So one scope
  7. number47

    KJW M4

    T-hum - Your quite right and I apologise to all for letting things escalate. End of...
  8. number47

    KJW M4

    Whether you are older than me (possibly) is irrelevant. The point is you don't put somebody down just because they treat the game differently from you. Airsoft is not about 'function over form' as you put it. It's about people coming together with a common interest and having fun, perhaps you should concentrate on that rather than worrying about how somebody else's kit looks like. You could dress up in a pink tutu and carry some Anime monstrosity for all I care, as long as you have fun and take your hits. Also I don't carry 50lbs of gear to look cool, I carry only what I need for the game
  9. number47

    KJW M4

    To Andrew12 I don't know you and presumably, you don't know me. So i'm at a loss as to your hostility towards me. I was simply seeking advice, however minor, from others with more experience on the platform than me, . I agree that real steel dust covers are generally grey in colour, however, I would prefer a uniform colour on my gun, hence the question. I can understand your fustration if I had posted a "what am bestest" type question but I didn't. I would not launch into a tirade against you simply because you want to put something that's not 'real steel' on your gun. As Suicidalsnowm
  10. number47

    KJW M4

    Couple of quick questions guys....... Firstly, thinking of getting a Magpul B.A.D Lever. But do I get the WA/G&P one or the WE/PTW version? (or doesn't it matter?) Secondly, going to get a replacement dust cover as the original is too grey in colour for my liking. Any reccomendations? Loving this rifle more and more. Touch wood no major issues so far, even the hop is working well (guess I was lucky) Still deciding on a final setup but considering the range and accuracy, it's probably going to end up as the perfect DMR. Number 47
  11. number47

    KJW M4

    To Suicidalsnowman: Sorry for the slow reply, been away on business. As requested, please see attached pics of my gun with Gemtech G5 flashider (with and without suppressor) As you can see it looks pretty neat and the can IMHO just makes the gun look way cooler. The MRE RIS has been swapped for a straighforward 10" RIS but I still can't make up my mind on a final set up! Thanks for the link to the short dot replica. Ironically, RSOV are now selling a S&B clone for $58, looks the same and is 1-4x with red dot. Took the plunge and ordered one. Field report - my gun had it's fi
  12. number47

    KJW M4

    For those guys sruggling to find a European supplier, you might want to try Bohemia Airsoft (airsoft.cz/shop). They're based in Prague and have the rifle in stock. Price is around 320 euros whhich I don't think is too bad considering the usual European mark up on airsoft stuff, however mags are alittle pricey at around 50 euros each!. They have a good selection of gear and parts in general and ship throughout Europe. If you look at the site, don't search under KJW, the gun is listed as an STTI product but in the description you will see it is made by KJW. The only fly in the ointment is
  13. number47

    KJW M4

    First off a big thank you to all who have contributed to this discussion and helping me spend even more money! I've finally joined the club and now own a KJW M4 After the ecstasy turned agony that was the WA/WE/G&P/INO M4, we now have a GBBR that doesn't require the owner to obtain sponsorship from Warren Buffett!!! I could have ordered one some months back from HK but customs here is a real PITA so I had to wait until one of my local dealers got them in stock. I won't bore you all with what you already know but i'm really impressed with the build quality of this gu
  14. Regarding a cheap source of Krytox, after some heavy duty googling I found a lubricant for bikes called Krytex. Its meant for bike chains and pedals but contains the magic stuff. It also includes something called Molybdenum which apparently is used in real steel guns! A bottle costs about £4 for 60ml. The shop is cyclestore.co.uk Would be grateful if the more mechanical/scientifically gifted WE M4 users would confirm if this would work or feel free to tell me i'm just p***ing in the wind!! Number 47
  15. Hi guys, Well, I've taken the jump and ordered my WA M4a1. This will be my first major purchase in a couple of years due to the fact that nothing really new has taken my interest, until now. It seems that despite a few weak parts, this gun is going to reinvigorate the game. Hopefully, with sufficient support from third party manufacturers, the gun will have legs (looking good so far). Once mine arrives it will be transformed into an LWRC M6. However, I'd be grateful if someone could clarify the following: Buffer tube will take RS stocks, but what about airsoft versions? (i.e
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