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BL Tech (now RDX Technologies) BOSS back from the dead

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The BL Tech BOSS unit was a very interesting piece of gear that was shown off years ago with a lot of hype but it seemed they turned their back on the airsoft market with hopes of getting government contracts iirc.  It seems they're now back with a new name and the implied possibility of sales to your average airsofter.


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RDX have a subscribe-for-updates option on their website, which answers a few questions. Their most recent e-mail (abridged, emphasis mine) reads:



RDX is working diligently to get the B.O.S.S. unit into your hands. The past several weeks have been spent liaising with distributors and logistics companies, and wrapping up the manufacturing processes.

Our primary challenge currently revolves around minimizing shipping and manufacturing costs—a task that's become increasingly complex amidst the ongoing global issues.

As this is our initial manufacturing build, we're looking at a cost estimate between $650USD and $750USD.


Gotta say I think $650-750 is ambitious for a weapon accessory; it may well be reflective of what they cost to bring to market, but I'm not sure the market will support it. The only kinds of weapon accessories that cost that kind of money (that I can think of) are infrared devices that have clear utility to/are mandatory tools for people playing under NODs, a broad resale market and strong resale values. I'm not sure that this thing is non-optional for anyone, and for the really hardcore spenders advertising your position like this would probably be a negative rather than a positive.

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