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Attaching Larger Files Fails

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I was trying to attach a 1.1MB Zip file in response to another post. However, I get the following message, even though the global limit is 2MB...


Request entity too large!

The POST method does not allow the data transmitted, or the data volume exceeds the capacity limit.

If you think this is a server error, please contact the webmaster

Error 413


Tue 07 Sep 2004 11:41:58 AM BST

Apache/2.0.40 (Red Hat Linux)



Any ideas? The Zip is a game for you Arn (in response to "Decent PC Games" thread). I wrote it a few months back and it's the best stress reliever around. :D

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I can't seem to upload photos today- although theres been no problems so far- any ideas?


It goes through the process of uploading them but when finished it just "loses" the attachement, as if I'd never asked it to upload anything in the first place. There is no error message either.

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no.. now I get this message at the top of the screen:



The total filespace required to upload all the attached files is greater than your per post or global limit. Please reduce the number of attachments or the size of the attachments.


do I really have to delete some of my earlier uploaded images? and if so.. how do I do that?


edit- I was trying to upload a 95kb jpeg thats about 150 x 200 or something tiny.


another edit- I'd like to put some decent quality pics up on my sale threads as well, and am having no luck so far.


edit again- Ok, I had a fiddle with my uploaded pics manager- apparently I can't put more than 1mb of pictures on the whole site at any given time. I guess its easy enough to delete pics on sale threads after I've sold whatever I'm selling. Just seems a very small figure meaning I can't put lots of nice pictures on each sale thread (or only limti myself to a few sale threads at a time)

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