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Newbie FaQ's?


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Just thought, as the site has been up for a good few days, should we sticky DumboRat's Newbie FaQ and other useful info like on the old forums?


I wished all the stickies were still here.. Especially the TokyoHobby and Havoc_Mans "WHAT AM BEST GUN" thread..


Also, will the FaQ's be in the "News and Info" or stickied in the three major catogories?



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Would this be of any use?


It's part of my AirsoftGuide.co.uk site. I never got round to finishing the whole site, but got all the basic stuff up and running...




Hope that helps. It goes in to a lot of detail, and I may add a section on Sniper Rifles at some stage, but am too busy at the moment. Let me know if you want to use it.


Enjoy... :)

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