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Action Man - Bad Seller?!?


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Hi there, AM here again, and I'm not pleased.



Seems some of you airsoftersare a bit

reluctant to part with your readies in my Sale Thread because you don't think

I'm a decent guy! W.T.F.?!


I'm a goddamn international hero!


Well, all you bloody hippies can take a look

at these pictures and then tell me I'm

untrustworthy! Go on! I dare you!


First off, this is my Ebay Rep. Yeah, yeah

I know what you're gonna say, "that don't

mean *beep* on here, Mr Man" well suck it




And this!


This is me in goddamn Bosnia kicking

some army's *albatross*! I can't remember how many

people died or what side they were on but I'll

tell you one thing, I didn't have any empty

mags left that holiday I can tell ya!



And here I am advising George Clooney

on the set of 'Three Kings'! You know that

bit where the wimpy guy gets his nad-sack

hooked up to that Hummer battery and fills his

BDU's? That was my freakin' technical

know-how that was!


And check this *beep* out!


I'm so goddamn trustworthy and decent

that Lee freakin' Majors played me in the

movie adaptation of my life's story:

Action Man: Hell Hath No Fury, *beep*.

So there!


And if you still want proof that I'm a

straight-up, honest guy then just ask Angie...


I totally dipped that butcher's bucket

before that dopey Pitt dude.


So there, Geardos! Now just hurry up and buy

my *beep* will ya? I've got an ex-wife who won't

take gunshots for an answer.



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