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The end is nigh



Well, only the end of my break from uni for the Christmas holidays, not the end of the world obviously!


Sadly, this end does mark the point at which three bad things come back into my life:

- Early morning lectures

- Dissertation work

- January exams period


I can deal with the first one, though I really am not the morning type of person.

The second one I’m not so happy with. To keep it short, my project hasn’t really gone anywhere in 12 weeks, which is worrying really given that is around half the time allocated to complete it. Certainly, some serious work is going to have to be put in to get anything worthwhile come the April deadline. Hmm, not a particularly appealing thought now that I really don’t enjoy my degree (Marine Biology w/ Oceanography) much anymore, and every stage of trying to get anything done seems like it is set to fail.


That just leaves those exams, those lovely enjoyable exams. Like most people on this planet they really aren’t my most favourite of times, made worse this year by the pressure of actually really needing to do well in them to pull my marks up and have a shot at the 2.1 that I haven’t really been working much towards.


Right then, that’ll be why it is 3 days until I go back, and 2 weeks until exams start, and I haven’t even printed off all the lecture notes or made any attempt to make a start on even organising notes, let alone revising from them.




I blame the lack of effort on the last 3 months being the hardest I have had at uni, with an insane amount of work compared to the previous years, and at a much more complicated level. Sure, that is expected, but it didn’t half drain the hell out of me. Regardless, it really is about time I pull the finger out and get down to some serious graft again.


Oh, yeah, laziness played a fair part too of course.

Having exams near the most festive and drunk period of the year is still a complete conspiracy though.


Meanwhile in the more relevant world of airsoft, I have at last placed the order for my MP5K with GnG. Cue excitement on waiting for it to arrive now, though the usually speedy and clockwork like process of ordering with Mr Chan does seem to be slower than usual. Hopefully that is just a result of some post Christmas spending rush by the airsoft populous, than due to anything fubar.


I’ve probably bored the pants off you and made you regret bothering to read this by now, but that’s tough, no refunds are issued for the minutes of your life I just wasted biggrin.gif


More rubbish coming soon tongue.gif


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So you thought you'd ease the workload of writing and suchlike by starting a new blog on Arnies? Can anybody say `avoidance technique` ?? tongue.gif


Dude you just gotta knuckle down and start working on the dissertation one day, your exam revision the next, just keep doing it, every day, until each thing comes and is done and then its done forever.

C'mon if my old man can do it so can you. Although to be fair he has had a bit of a headstart... wink.gif


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