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Sell one thing to buy another...



Having spent the last 6 months gradually modding my VSR to the uber rifle that it was, I now find myself bagging up various bits and pieces of it to post off to the far corners of the UK. Go figure.


In truth, it isn't a surprise. Ever since I found I couldn't help but keep spending money on it in some meaningless search for perfection & ultimate coolness, I said to myself that I'd only probably stop if I just sold it altogether. The pending new car (Which really does need some shiny OZ alloys to cheer it (me) up tongue.gif) and generally not ever really getting the use out of the VSR compared to the cash invested in it means it has to go. I'll still sure as hell be skirmishing down GZ or elsewhere, but just expect a tall flecktarn clad guy to be running around with small smg's in the future.


Having said that, I suspect that selling the VSR will simply fund buying the new gear (camo & tac) that I have wanted for some time. Mmm new flecktarn gear biggrin.gif


We shall see. Currently VSR sales have been quite slow, and there is still a fair bit to flog. I might also have to grudgingly split the items into component form further to shift them, but that might be offset by the potential sale of my Cobra seats & associated on fleabay soon. With a bit more cash in the bank from them, I can probably muster a bit more effort postage etc wise tongue.gif


Just in case you haven't seen it and might be interested, here is a blatant advertising link harvested directly from my sig out of laziness:

Splitting my VSR G Spec - Most parts up for sale


Anyway, other than that life is pretty much grinding along happily, uni work is still last on the list of things to do when it should be first, and I really am getting fed up of these dark gloomy days and *suitcasey* weather at the moment !


I think I need to get down to a skirmish and hose a few people with excels, stress relief and exercise has both been distinctly lacking (more than usual) around here lately biggrin.gif



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