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Ah well, moving on.



Goodbye ASF. Sorry to see you go, but without rancor, I hope it feels the loss of the members it drove away. Someone needs to learn a lesson.


In airsoft news I spent all night swapping parts around between a Hi Capa and a 1911. Fun exercise. I now have a new 2011 masquarading as a classic 1911. Actually pretty excited about it, and will be buying new bits and pieces to complete the look in the near future. The thumb safety, grip safety, hammer, trigger, outer barrel and stock slide from a TM 1911 will fit and function on a Hi Capa with zero problems. Looks pretty slick if you ask me. Pictures tomorrow when the sun comes out.


I also tried to swap a Hi Capa trigger into my Delta Comp and managed to screw something up. The disconnecter is causing me considerable grief. For some reason it won't jump back into position so the gun won't fire. I know it is an issue with the trigger and disconnecter tolerances, but man I am worried it has to do with how I fit the beavertail. Live and learn I guess, hopefully this doesn't mean I need to buy another PGC Delta kit. I guess I could swap it to a SFA, but I am growing to like the grip safety.


Still hemming and hawing over what I am going to build next. Don't know if I am willing to spend $450 on the hard to find metal body, I found, to build a gun I am unsure about wanting. The other option is for a gun I know I dig, and would love to build. Decisions, decisions.


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Hey Ben,


Sorry about the lack of a payment, still waiting on Birchm (though he's shipping a TSW with 3 mags first). Hopefully $ will be with you next week.


Any idea on where I can get a prime metal body and barrel for the TSW?

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Dude, no worries. I understand (took me two months of payments to get the HK out the door).


I got the Prime slide from UNCompany back in the day, and I have never seen a metal outer barrel. Love it eh?



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Sorry man, don't have that good an inside line on sheit.


I sort of miss that sucker. I would have kept it if it had been the silver one.


Hurry BirchM!!!! Peter and I have plans!!!

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