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Some build wrap ups.



I know I mentioned a huge (in terms of parts, and quality of the parts) build for a client, another PGC TM 1911. It came out perfectly. I was impressed with both the KM and most especially the Nova parts that he chose to use. Just a quality standard A1 1911. Really my favorite type, and with good parts choices, my favorite to shoot as well. It really turned out amazingly well:


TM 1911

TM mags 5x

PGC colt version

PGC rear sight

PDI tightbore 6.01mm


PDI Palsonite Sear

KM Steel Trigger

KM Valve Knocker

KM spring guide

KM recoil plug

KM hammer strut

KM hopup

Prime steel slide stop

Prime barrel bushing

Prime magazine catch

Prime main spring housing

SD recoil spring

SD hammer spring

Nine Ball Dyna Piston

Guarder Hi Flows (x5 mags)

Tanio Koba Outer Barrel

Charles Daly grips






Other than the flat mainspring housing, that to me is the classic 1911.


I also have had the chance to do some work on my friends Limcat Custom. Really was excited to get my hands on another one, and while it was put together well, it did need some care and finish tuning. I swapped the tired old frame out for a much newer one I had in the parts bin. Did the usual filing and fitting on the blowback unit to clear the disconnector and other stuff. This gun had an interesting bit of fitting for the rear sight. I usually remove a ton of material off the bottom of them (giving out secrets again) but my client chose to leave that all, and take material off the bottom of the BBU to clear. I do prefer my method, while it is a bit more extreme, I think it lines up a bit better.


The really big change was swapping in an Airsoft Surgeon hammer set. He chose the rare SHPD style hammer, and while I don't like the look (though it is a first) the functionality and trigger feel is amazing. If you are looking to swap the hammer and sear out of your Hi Capa, I can't stress enough that you should check out the AS unit. I know it is $66, but that is cheaper than most other sets, way cheaper than a full PDI set up with KM strut. The trigger is butter smooth, and it must be lighter than 4 lbs now. It truly has a hair trigger.






I am working on a few reviews right now. Tuning back up an old Western Arms Magna gun. I have another Magna gun to look at for my boys down at Pinnacle. I have a KSC Glock 19 to build (when it arrives) but just light tuning on it. I have a Leon 10" DE coming in for a buddy. I get to run some tests and fit a new tight bore to it (let's hear it for 350 on 134A! well that is the goal). I have the rebuild of my old Hi Capa that was a SVI 6.0. I have to fit that old upper to a new gun for a client. Then I need to finish tuning and upgrading my SpeedMaster so I can run green gas and just kill with it.


Man, I am actually pretty busy for the next week or so.



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