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Why won't my M4 show up?!



I finally secured my latest project, actually I just had parts lying around that needed a gun to add to.


KSC Glock 19 Deep Blue

PDI 6.01mm Tight Bore

PGC Hi Flow Valve

KM Stainless Recoil Guide Rod & Recoil Spring


Very light tune. I actually have a BoomArms slide for it, but the thing is bothering me since the outer barrel legs don't fit the slide....incredibly annoying. I haven't the patience to work on it right now, so I am rocking the ABS slide for now. The Deep Blue coating is some limited edition from Japan, but really just makes the gun look more like plastic than regular KSC HW material. I didn't want this gun initially, but the last TW KSC that Den had was busted and I didn't want to wait to see when a new one came in. A few bucks more and I have another limited edition. Fun little gun, I forgot how well these things actually fit my hand.





I also have a TM Desert Eagle "Leon" living with me for awhile. Man this is a big gun. Not surprisingly they have chosen to fit it with a 6" inner barrel. Power is still amazing at 330 fps with green at 70 degrees, almost 370 fps with green at almost 80 degrees (hot here in California right now). Bought it for Peter, but he seems to have fallen off the planet. He also wanted me to fit a 10" KM inner barrel, so being the obliging type, I did. This 10" has an extension to the inner frame that encloses the barrel, and the TM folk actually blocked the area in front of the stock barrel so you can't just drop in a longer tight bore. So lame. But I broke out the files and power is to be had by one and all:


Stock. Toytec .20s. Green Gas. 80 degrees.


1 - 369.2

2 - 367.7

3 - 366.1

4 - 364.8

5 - 365.9

6 - 362.6

7 - 362.2

8 - 359.6

9 - 357.9

10 - 358.2

Avg: 363.42


W/ KM 10" 6.04mm Tight Bore


1 - 429.4

2 - 423.6

3 - 417.2

4 - 417.5

5 - 413.3

6 - 415.6

7 - 414

8 - 418.9

9 - 418.4

10 - 417.2

Avg: 418.51


So we are seeing a gain of 55fps! 55! Go buy one now.







And a parting shot of the powerhouses (400+fps each)




In client news, I have been inundated with WE guns to fix. Not too terrible, but I feel badly because they are getting a piece of ###### back from me (a working one at least). Don't like it one bit. Not too much in the short term horizon. I get to fit one of the new PGC Non-Railed bodies soon. Should be pretty amazing since I think he managed to get a two tone kit (yes, just like mine). Otherwise I am waiting for my WA M4.


I also ordered the PDI 6.01mm tight bore the other day, but now it is no longer listed on their website. Very strange, not out of stock, but completely removed! PDI did finally release a Glock 34 6.01mm so all of you with race Glocks have something to rock now.


Otherwise most of whats going on is still under wraps. Lets just say I finally have a few irons in the fire, hopefully some of them will turn into something great.


Still do custom work, still reasonably priced and easy to deal with. Let me know if you need something.


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